The Quarry Trophy Guide: How to Get Platinum

Here's a guide to earning every trophy in The Quarry.

Our The Quarry trophy guide will show you how to get platinum and earn every trophy in the game. Sit down and get ready to see some gruesome fates because some trophies require getting some blood on your hands.

How to Get Platinum in The Quarry

You have to get every other trophy in The Quarry to get platinum. This is standard practice for every other game that has a platinum trophy. The platinum trophy is the final milestone that shows to others you have completed everything the game has to offer. It is quite the bragging rights reward.

None of The Quarry trophies are missable so you can achieve them after multiple playthroughs. You also do not need online connection as the multiplayer features of The Quarry are unneeded to earn every trophy in the game. It will require multiple playthroughs to earn each trophy which will take some time. We’ve created this The Quarry trophy guide to help you earn some of the more difficult trophies to achieve.

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The Quarry Trophy List

This The Quarry trophy guide will teach you how to earn all 42 trophies in the game. You’ll have to put in some time to earn all of them as it will require multiple playthroughs with different choices. Some trophies are unavoidable as it simply requires you to progress through the game but some can require looking for collectibles or achieving certain endings.

The Quarry trophies can be divided into:

  • 29 Bronze trophies
  • 7 Silver trophies
  • 4 Gold trophies
  • 1 Platinum trophy

Here is a list of all The Quarry trophies and how to get them:

The Quarry Platinum Trophy

What Doesn't Kill You...

Achieved all Trophies!

The Quarry Gold Trophies

Rough Night

Kept everyone alive

Hackett's Quarry Massacre

Killed everyone

Gold trophies will take some replayability to earn as they featured two completely different endings. Rough Night requires you only the counsellors alive but not the Hackett family.

Our The Quarry Best Ending: How To Keep Everyone Alive will show you how to get the Rough Night trophy. You won’t really need help with the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy as you just need to make obviously bad decisions to kill everyone of your counsellors.

The Quarry Silver Trophies

Conspiracy Theorist

Collected all evidence

Meddling Kids!

Collected all clues

Peanut Butter Butterpops!

Never missed in a combat encounter

The Silver Trophies are leaning heavy into finding collectibles such as Evidence and Clues. There is one piece of Evidence per chapter but there are several clues located throughout. You’ll have to do some looking.

Our The Quarry Evidence Locations and The Quarry Clues Locations will show you the location of all the collectibles in the game.

The Quarry Bronze Trophies

You're Breathetaking!

Passed 5 Don't Breath events


Activated 15 Interrupts

Decked Out

Found all Tarot cards

Forewarned is Forearmed

Got a Tarot reading

It's All Coming Together

Found a matching clue

What's This?

Collected first clue

The Truth is Out There

Collected first piece of evidence

Should've Gone to the Motel

Reunited Laura and Max

Chapter 1

Completed Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Completed Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Completed Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Completed Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Completed Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Completed Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Completed Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Completed Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Completed Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Completed Chapter 10


Completed the Prologue


Witnessed the Epilogue

Above the Law

Travis and Laura agreed to work together

Creature Feature

Started a movie mode playthrough

Most bronze trophies can be earned just by playing the game. The chapter trophies, for example, cannot be avoided unless you’re planning on never finishing The Quarry in the first place.

One of the only trophies you have to strive for is We Should’ve Gone to The Motel trophy which requires that Laura and Travis never work together. We have a guide for The Quarry Tarot Card Locations to help you earn the Decked Out trophy.

Down below are The Quarry hidden trophies. Beware of spoilers!

The Quarry Hidden Gold Trophies

The White Wolf

Killed Silas

The Final Girl

Kaitlyn survived the night alone

The two hidden gold trophies require achieving certain endings. You need to have specific requirements to acquire both of them at once. During the final confrontation in Chapter 10, fail the QTE when Silas attacks the cop car. Laura will then exit the car injured and can shoot Silas with silver bullets one last time before dying to her injuries. You must first get Laura and Travis to work together to get to this point.

You’ll need to take steps to kill off the other counsellors. It can be challenging facing Caleb without Abigail’s help since she’s in possession of the silver laced bullets. You’ll have to take out the stuffed toy from the bag in the kitchen, and then throw it inside the freezer to distract Werewolf Silas.

The Quarry Hidden Silver Trophies

Last Man Standing

Ryan survived alone

Family Matters

Killed all the Hacketts

Blood Pact

Infected every character

Hard Pass

Refused Eliza's help

The hidden silver trophies can be acquired by making a few specific choices. You have to ensure you don’t accept any one of Eliza’s Tarot Card readings for the Hard Pass trophy, which is the opposite requirement of Forewarned Is Forearmed trophy.

For the Blood Pact, you need to have infected all characters in one playthrough. Nick will always be infected, but ensure that you do not cut off Dylan’s hand in the Radio Hut. You also have to fail several QTE from Emma in Chapter 4 and Abigail in Chapter 3. Once Jacob and Emma reunite, do not press the first QTE prompt when the werewolf jumps on top of him and bites but doesn’t go for the kill (don’t take the werewolf blood from the big guy in the woods). For Kaitlyn, choose to jump from the Window instead of the Beam and she’ll get bitten without getting killed.

You’ll get plenty of chances to kill all the Hacketts for the Family Matters trophy.

The Quarry Hidden Bronze Trophies

Bizzare Yet Bonafide

Listened to the podcast

Just a Flesh Wound

Saved a friend from infection


Accepted the bite of a werewolf

Mutually Assured

Laura and Travis killed each other

Nick of Time

Successfully took the fastest route to Nick

Nobody's Fool

Jacob told Emma the truth

Lovers' Quarrel

Nick killed Abi

The secret bronze trophies can be challenging to get, but some of them are actually pretty straightforward. The Bizarre Yet Bonafide trophy can be accomplished just by listening to the podcast after the epilogue.

Just A Flesh Wound requires amputating Dylan’s arm in the Radio House. To get to this point, you need to have broken into the Camp Cabin in Chapter 1 else the werewolf focuses on Kaitlyn and the others. Nick of Time needs to have Ryan take all the shortcuts to get to Nick in Chapter 3.

Lovers’ Quarrel is easy to get. All you have to do is not shoot Nick in the Boathouse before his transformation. This will result in Abigail’s death. Nobody’s Fool is a little harder as it requires getting Emma infected in Chapter 4.

For Mutually Assured, you need to have Ryan killed in his confrontation with Werewolf Chris. Do not shoot the werewolf in Chapter 9 as Ryan which will result in Laura not being cured. Both Laura and Travis will kill each other despite their relationship.

The Quarry trophy guide

That’s our The Quarry trophy guide. We hope you learned how to get all 42 trophies in the game and platinum it. Don’t go just yet because we have more of The Quarry content for you.

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