Is The Quarry Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Are we able to add The Quarry on our watchlist on Xbox Game Pass?

People are asking is The Quarry coming to Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft had made a ton of great deals to add to their subscription library and this narrative driven game would surely be a boon to subscribers. Let’s see if Game Pass manages a win.

Is The Quarry Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

The Quarry is not coming to Xbox Game Pass. There are no official announcements that Supermassive Games have made a deal with Microsoft to include The Quarry into its library.

This doesn’t mean that The Quarry is never coming to Xbox Game Pass. Previously, Man of Medan was available to subscribers for a year. So we can confirm that 2K, The Quarry’s publisher, is willing to work with Microsoft. We could potentially see The Quarry enter the Game Pass library sometime later this year. Though this will depend on how Microsoft and 2K come into agreement in the nearby future.

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Is The Quarry Coming to Xbox Game Pass

The Quarry will release this June 10, 2022. Like always it does feature the narrative driven experience familiar to those who have previously tried out Supermassive Games’ previous works. Though this time, there is a Director Mode that players can use to watch The Quarry like it was a movie.

We had our chance to have a hands-on preview of the game. Read our The Quarry Hands-On Preview to get an idea of what it’s like to play The Quarry.

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Check out the official announce trailer for The Quarry from 2K Official Youtube.