The Quarry Fireworks: take it or leave it choices & outcomes

A guide on what outcomes to expect from the Fireworks Decision in The Quarry.

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The Quarry is an interactive story game where the player’s choices will impact the narrative, and one such choice will make players decide whether or not to take a box of fireworks. What seems like a inconsequential choice will actually have an impactful effect on a latter part of the story.

In this guide, we will be talking about The Quarry Fireworks decision in Chapter 2 of the game, how to reach it, and how it will affect the story depending on the player’s choice on whether to take it or leave it (fireworks) and what’s going to be the outcome stemming from that choice.

How to reach The Quarry Fireworks decision

The Fireworks Decision happens early in Chapter 2 of the game. In this chapter, we follow Emma and Jacob as they decide to raid the camp’s General Store in search for stuff that they can bring to the impromptu camp party.

  • Get inside the General Store

You can get inside the General Store either by letting Jacob pick the lock on its door, or letting Emma kick the door. You’ll then proceed to a cutscene where the two check out the front area of the store and Emma finds the locked safe behind the counter. You’ll need to find the code that is hidden somewhere in the store. Emma then decides to go and check the storage room.

  • Go to the locked room at the back of the storage room

Within the storage room are shelves with some stuff on them. Don’t forget to interact with these stuff to get some clues and evidence. At the far side of the storage room to the right is another locked door. Emma is once again given the option to kick it or call Jacob to pick its lock. Emma will fail to open the door, so just call and ask Jacob’s help to open it.

  • Locate the gun with the note

Inside the locked room are a bunch of interactibles, one of which is a gun lying on the ground with a note stuck on it. The note has the code that will open the safe. Head back to the safe and use the code to reveal the fireworks inside and some boxes of shotgun shells. Emma will take the shotgun shells right away, but will hesitate on taking the fireworks.

It is also possible to not pick up the gun and miss out on both the gun and the fireworks.

Chapter 2 The Quarry Fireworks: Take It or Leave It? Decision (Explained)

Taking the fireworks or leaving it behind will have a major effect in a later chapter of the story which will tell whether or not Emma will get infected.

The Quarry: Take the Fireworks choice & outcome

Emma takes the box of fireworks which will make Jacob excited. Emma brings the fireworks to the party at the firepit.

In Chapter 6, if Emma survives and manages to get off from the island in the middle of the lake, she will be able to see a single unused firecracker by the firepit and she will take it before heading to the lodge.

The last firecracker by the firepit.

Emma will then wander off into the woods and find Jedediah and Bobby by a monster that has been caught by a trap. Emma tries to hide behind a tree as she listens to them, but something else is looking at her from a distance. Emma will then get a prompt to run.

Jedediah and Bobby sedating a monster.

Deciding to run will trigger the other monster to chase after Emma. Emma will then get caught by the monster, but she will use the firecracker against the monster and will manage to flee from it.

The Quarry: Leave the Fireworks choice & outcome

Emma leaves the box of fireworks in the safe.

Once she encounters Jedediah and Bobby in Chapter 6 and decides to flee, she will then be chased by another monster that has spotted her.

Deciding to run away from Jedediah and Bobby will make the other monster chase after her.

Since Emma will not have the firecracker with her, she won’t be able to escape the monster right away as it pins her down and bites on her foot. She will then be able to escape once the monster gets shot, but she has now been infected and will turn into a monster later on in the story.

Once she is in Chris’ basement with Abigail, she will then start fully turning into a monster. If Abigail manages to flee from her and get out of the basement, Emma will be left alive inside the basement as a survivor, but she still has the infection in her system.

Emma starts turning into a monster while in the basement if she gets bitten by the hiding monster.

Emma can still avoid getting infected by a monster on Chapter 6 as long as she decides to not run away from Jedediah and Bobby and letting them catch her from her hiding spot since the two are able to mask their scents from the monster.

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