Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Queen’s Gate – All Lucky Dice Locations

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Queen's Gate - All Lucky Dice Locations

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces a new mechanic called Lucky Dice. If you’re looking for all the Lucky Dice in Queen’s Gate, then we’ve got you covered. Lucky Dices can only be picked up in the wild when they are encountered by interacting with them.

It is possible to obtain goodies by battling typical enemies and hunting for secret chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Additional surprises and ways to interact include: rune switches, lost marbles, and a poetry page. Unlike other Borderlands games, Wonderlands is full with hidden treasures.

Where to Find all Lucky Dice in Queen's Gate - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Where to Find all Lucky Dice in Queen’s Gate – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Skeletons from the Queen’s Gate army will be spreading havoc and frightening the citizens once you leave the Snoring Valley and continue on in the story. You may check the location of all the Queen’s Gate Lucky Dice as you make your way through the endless hordes of zombies.

Finding All Lucky Dice Objectives and Rewards

Lucky Dice can also be found all across the Wonderlands. Increase your maximum Loot Luck by acquiring them all, and get the following rewards:

  • Find 260 Lucky Dice
  • +20% Loot Luck

All Lucky Dice Locations in Queen’s Gate

Here are the Detailed locations of all the luck dice in this region:

Lucky Dice #1 – Queen’s Gate

Tina Tiny takes players to the center of the Queen’s Gate region, as you  approach the town, you are forced to leap from a broken stone bridge close to a port because of a skeleton invasion.

Once you arrive at the broken bridge, you must go down and turn left. On the pier behind a house, the lucky dice is located on the pier behind a house.

Lucky Dice #2 – Queen’s Gate

This lucky dice can be found in Buttsville, on the balcony of a half burning house. You can get it by jumping from one of the nearby wood fences or by climbing to the top of the house and jumping down.

Lucky Dice #3 – Queen’s Gate

Players should proceed to the catapult objective after jumping from the burning house where you got the previous lucky dice. You may find the 3rd Lucky Dice by turning left before going up the catapult ramp. It’s hidden behind a house.

Lucky Dice #4 – Queen’s Gate

The Lucky Dice can be found under a shed in the middle of Buttsville’s crop fields.

Lucky Dice #5 – Queen’s Gate

Towards the farm’s right side, there’s a cave where you’ll find the next Lucky Dice. Using a melee attack, players will be able to open the cave’s entrance, allowing them to obtain the fifth Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice #6 – Queen’s Gate

You’ll locate this Lucky Dice in a small cave, next to a campfire. Right before you arrive at Brighthoof’s gates, there is a cave’s entrance on your map’s upper-right side

Lucky Dice #7 – Queen’s Gate

You’ll find this one perched atop a wooden box inside “The Rampart Parts”. Following the road they took before entering the cave for the previous Dice, players should go right past a wooden bridge and into a large cave.

Lucky Dice #8 – Queen’s Gate

There is another Lucky Dice resting out in the open at your right side as you progress further inside the Honor Tower’s stronghold. It can be located after past the stone columns and heading towards the cliff.

Lucky Dice #9 – Queen’s Gate

Until you use a catapult to launch yourself to a new part of the map, you can’t get this Lucky Dice until you move through the main story. A little out of sight behind a tower, you’ll locate this Lucky Dice after landing at Honor’s Tower (provided they’re still looking forward after landing).

Lucky Dice #10 – Queen’s Gate

You’ll locate this one on top of a ruined stone pillar as soon as you land in Honor Tower through the catapult.

Lucky Dice #11 – Queen’s Gate

In order to return to the house where they found the second Lucky Dice, players will need to go back through a gate that had previously been locked. This lucky dice can be found in the midst of Buttsville, next to a house that has a large watermill.

Lucky Dice #12 – Queen’s Gate

Returning to the gate from where you entered,  p layers should walk right past the watermill until they cross the crumbling stone bridge at the beginning of the map. That’s where the Lucky Dice is hidden.

Lucky Dice #13 – Queen’s Gate

A Balcony of a house directly in front of the Brighthoof gates is where you’ll find this lucky dice, so all you have to do is climb the low section of the roof and descend.

Lucky Dice #14 – Queen’s Gate

The only way to get to this Lucky Dice is to drain the ocean near Queen’s Gate, which can be done only after the main storyline has been completed. A new part of Queen’s Gate will open up for exploration once the ocean has been drained. The 14th Lucky Dice can be found by searching for a fish net near the new area’s spawn point, which is where players should begin their search.

Lucky Dice #15 – Queen’s Gate

A short distance from the 14th Lucky Dice, near the Obelisk, you’ll find the final Lucky Dice. Face the Obelisk and by turning around, players will come across a pair of reddish platforms. There lies the 15th Lucky Dice at Queen’s Gate.

That concludes your search for all Lucky Dice in Queen’s Gate. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ overworld is littered with more collectibles than you can count. You’ll get a permanent boost to your stats if you complete all campaign challenges, so keep going!

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