Valheim: How to Defeat Moder Boss Fight Guide

Valheim Moder cover

Moder is the fourth boss that players can face in Valheim. She is a huge dragon that lives in the icy Mountain regions, and she is also considered as the mother of all Drakes. Moder has quite the HP and coupled with the fact that she spends time in the air, players may find themselves in a long and arduous boss fight.

Read on, and we will share some tips and tricks on how to easily defeat him in this Moder boss fight guide.

How to find and summon Moder

To find Moder, you’ll need to locate her vegvisir which can usually be found on top of ruins within the Mountain area. This will then reveal her summoning altar somewhere within the region.

Before heading to the altar, it’s best to prepare to make at least two trips to it. You’ll need 3 Dragon eggs to summon Moder, but on default, you can only carry one at a time due to how heavy one egg is (200 weight compared to 300 default carrying capacity). The trick to this is to equip the Megingjord accessory which adds an additional 150 carrying capacity, which will allow you to carry 2 eggs at a time.

Try to carry two eggs on your first trip, then carry the final one when you’re about to fight Moder. This way, you should still have enough space in your inventory on your second trip to be able to carry your essentials like food and potions.

How to prepare for the Moder boss fight

To prepare for Moder, it’s recommended to have the full Wolf iron armor to mitigate as much damage as possible. The armor itself also provides some resistance against the frost attacks that Moder can dish out.

Moder is weak against fire, however you’ll only have access to fire arrows at this point and it will take hundreds of arrows to bring her down. It’s recommended to go for any melee weapon instead if you want to kill Moder as fast as possible.

As always, prepare enough food and potions with you, and it’s also recommended to have the Eikthyr power ready to further counter the effects of frost.

Another preparation that you may or may not do is to flatten the area around the summoning altar. Depending on the side and terrain of where the altar is, you may need to flatten some areas of it to make it easy for you to move around and avoid attacks.

Moder Moves and Attacks

Moder has three main attacks:

  • Icicle Barrage – While in the air, Moder will make icicles rain down to the ground. Getting hit with these icicles will give you a Frost debuff that will slow your movement for a few seconds. Once you see her breathing up for an attack, try to concentrate on getting out of the line of fire.
  • Frost Breath – While on the ground, she can breath out an icy breath that can inflict Frost. Simply sidestep from where she is facing and you’ll avoid the attack.
  • Bite – While on the ground, Moder will move its head forward to bite you. Position yourself beside her head at all time to minimize the rick of getting bitten.

Moder Boss Rewards

Defeating Moder will give you these rewards:

  • Moder trophy
  • Dragon tear

The Moder trophy can be hung on the Sacrificial stone to get Moder’s Forsaken power. This power allows you to change the direction of the wind and is useful when sailing towards a headwind.

The Dragon Tear is a crafting material needed to make an Artisan able which unlocks a lot of higher-tier recipes and structures needed to progress to the next part.

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