Warhammer 40K Darktide Datamine Reveals New Classes and Weapons

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A few days ago, a Warhammer 40K Darktide Datamine subreddit posted information about potential new classes and weapons coming to the game. The information has been out in the wild for a while now but the user has arranged them together into something that makes a lot of sense. They’ve even added their own speculations to the Talents in question.

And while they haven’t been verified, it is possible to test these out with a friend by playing a private match.

Note: This information has been put together after taking a look at the game's files. This does not mean that any of this is definitive. We won't know for sure until developer Fatshark formally announces them. If ever.
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Ogryn Skullbreaker

These are the Talent breakdowns for each of the classes (minus the Psyker). They are laid out in typical fashion but we don’t know which ones are for levels 5, 10, and so on and so forth.

Ogryn Gun Lugger

Coherency Buff

  • +20% damage vs suppressed enemies

Class Talents

  • passive: 8% chance to shoot for free / 25% DR while braced / +50% max ammo
  • mixed: +12% damage for 6s after reload / 2% toughness on ranged kill / +25% magazine size
  • offensive: +1% critical chance for 6s on kill, max +12% / +25% suppression / 30% faster reload for 5s upon hitting 5 enemies
  • defensive: (no info) / +20% movement speed for 5s on ranged kill / 2% toughness regeneration while braced
  • coherency: +15% max ammo in coherency / +10% more damage (+30%) vs suppressed enemies / (speculation) 25% ranged damage reduction per ally in coherency, max 4 stacks, lasts 8s
  • passive spec: (speculation) upon triggering passive, 15% faster cooldown regeneration for 8s / passive trigger chance increased to 12% / (no info)
  • combat ability: +15% fire rate / (cannot speculate) / +25% damage to enemies in close range

From what we can tell, the Gun Lugger class is all about big guns and endlessly shooting them. This class appears to get toughness regen on ranged kills, much like how Zealot can self-sustain on melee kills alone. All in all, this class looks to fit the role of heavy fire support, helping the team from the backlines.

Veteran Sharpshooter

Veteran Squad Leader

Coherency Buff

  • +5% increased damage

Class Talents

  • passive: every 10s, reduce the cooldown by 6s on hit (?) / (speculation) tagged enemies take +15% damage / (there is no 3rd for this group)
  • mixed: (no info) / +50% krak grenade damage / (no info)
  • offensive: +15% ranged damage for 8s (unknown condition) / max charges increased to 4 (probably grenade) / 5% chance on enemy death to gain +20% damage and +20% suppression damage for 10s
  • defensive: movement speed increased by 20% (unknown condition) / -50% damage taken from enemies and -30% damage taken from monsters (unknown condition) / stamina is doubled, +100 toughness (unknown condition)
  • coherency: (no info) / +3% extra damage (total of +8%) / 10% something (no idea, chance to trigger a passive?)
  • passive spec: +30% (suppressed enemy?) damage/suppression cooldown is now 6s / on enemy death, cooldown reduce cooldown by 2s (?)
  • combat ability: reduced spread, sway, charge-up time, recoil, and increased reload speed for 10s / increased impact, movement and attack speed, melee damage, and reduced block costs for 10s / (no info)

Though not like a Commisar (yet), the proposed Squad Leader inspires allies to become a deadlier force using firearms. The information shown here suggests that this class, for its part, is capable of forcing enemies back. Hopefully, the Suppression bug is fixed by the time it is announced.

The data also suggests that they will be accompanied by a small squad of their own. NPC soldiers perhaps? Anyway, there are references to “minions” throughout the code, they may be able to issue commands to focus fire targets.

Warhammer 40K Darktide Datamine Reveals New Classes and Weapons 03
Zealot Preacher

Unnamed Zealot Class

Coherency Buff

  • Heal 0.5 corruption every 1s

Class Talents

  • passive: (no idea) / 20% more damage vs disgusting (I think disgusting is infected) / 50% less corruption damage taken
  • mixed: 30% increased impact / 75 more toughness / 2 more wounds
  • offensive: 5% increased melee damage, 5 max stacks / 33% of your critical chance is shared (with something) / hit mass impact modifier is increased by 50%
  • defensive: every 10s push enemies around with a great force (?) / each health segment takes less damage (?) / -15% toughness damage taken
  • coherency: +15% damage and 0.5% toughness regenerated for 5s (unknown condition) / increases corruption heal to 2 per second (?) / every 10 seconds reduces damage by 75% for 4s (?)
  • passive spec: reduces cooldown by 0.5s (?) / increases crit chance by 10% / (no info)
  • combat ability: (no idea) / (no info) / increases shield duration to 8s

Users on Reddit are hoping that this new Zealot class is something akin to a Crusader. If it’s anything like the Grail Knight from Vermintide 2, we may have another shield bearer class in the future. And this also fits the class’ Coherency buff that heals 0.5 corruption every second to allies in close proximity. If that’s the case, we’re hoping that we can at least use a sidearm.

Warhammer 40K Darktide Datamine Reveals New Classes and Weapons 04
Psyker Psykinetic

Psyker Protectorate

The only thing known about the new Psyker class is its name. The talents file is similar to that of the base Psyker.

Digging through the files, there are references to the following bits of information.

Mined class abilities:

  • ‘psyker_psychic_fortress’
  • ‘psyker_force_field_dome’
  • ‘protectorate_chainlightning’

Mined grenade ability

  • ‘psyker_throwing_knives’

The file names suggest that this new Psyker class is a defensive specialist. A mobile dome of Warp energies does sound like a fun idea. It reminds us of the final mission of Mass Effect 2. How something like that can perform in Darktide? We don’t quite know.

Warhammer 40K Darktide Datamined Weapons

The following is a list of weapons that have been datamined. The first number is indicated that they have [Mk.] version of the weapon. The second number are guns without them.

Most of these weapons are already in the game. Including the Ogryn’s Achlys Mk I Power Maul and the Zealot’s Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher.

  • # (# without marks) Type
  • 9x (3x) Autogun
  • 3x (1x) Autopistol
  • 3x (1x) Bolter
  • 3x (1x) Chainsword
  • 3x (1x) Eviscerator
  • 3x (1x) Chainaxe
  • 9x (3x) Combat Axe
  • 3x (1x) Ogryn Combat Blade
  • 3x (1x) Combat Knife
  • 9x (3x) Combat Sword
  • 1x (1x) Flamer
  • 7x (4x) Psyker Staff
  • 3x (1x) Force Sword
  • 1x (1x) Ogryn Grenadier Gauntlet
  • 12x (3x) Lasgun
  • 3x (1x) Laspistol
  • 6x (2x) Ogryn Club
  • 3x (1x) Ogryn Powermaul
  • 1x (1x) Ogryn Powermaul & Slabshield
  • 3x (1x) Ogryn Heavy Stubber
  • 2x (2x) Plasma Rifle
  • 3x (1x) Power Maul
  • 3x (1x) Two-Handed Power Maul
  • 3x (1x) Power Sword
  • 3x (1x) Ogryn Ripper Gun
  • 3x (1x) Ogryn Thumper
  • 5x (3x) Shotgun
  • 3x (1x) Stub Revolver
  • 1x (1x) Stub Rifle
  • 3x (1x) Two-Handed Thunder Hammer

Interestingly, the developers made a Steam post back when the game was in closed beta and it addressed the possibility of more classes in the future. The post states that they are considering adding a class per quarter. This is great and all but you have to remember that Darktide released incomplete and missing features. And they did fall short of the promised 70+ weapons at launch.

Much more work is needed to make Warhammer 40k Darktide decent. So we won’t be expecting any of these until well into 2023. But then again, Vermintide 2 kept its player base active through the steady inclusion of more careers. If Darktide wants to stay alive, new content will go a long way to winning back players.

Source: Darktide Reddit

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