What Are Milestones and How They Work in Sea of Thieves

A look at the new Milestones feature in Sea of Thieves.

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Milestones are a new mechanic added in Sea of Thieves that help players track their own progress through the life of piracy, as well as unlock special rewards to help customize the ship. Basically, these milestones are the mini in-game achievements that players can strive to obtain, raise, and complete.

In this guide, we will take a look at how the Milestones mechanics work and see just of a few examples of what are in store for those who wish to complete them.

What are Milestones?

Milestones are a record of a player’s accomplishments as they sail through the sea and go on voyages. It can also be considered as a list of tasks that players can complete indefinitely to raise their Milestone Class. When certain levels are reached in a specific kind of Milestone, rewards will be unlocked and their rarity will depend on the level of the class. These rewards can be used to customize ships in the way that better represents the kind of play style the player has gone through.

Milestone Alignments

Milestone Alignments

Milestones are categorized by their themes known as Alignments. There are a total of seven Alignments, plus one that is only tied to the pirates themselves, each one having their own set of activities and deeds. Players can select any of these alignments to accomplish or focus on depending on the kind of adventure that they want to have for their gameplay.

The tasks under each alignments can either be pinned to the ship’s log or displayed on the captain’s log book. However, this does not prevent the other unpinned tasks from getting any progression when the applicable tasks are being done by the player.

The Alignments are:

  • The Gold Seeker
  • The Voyager
  • The Emissary
  • The Hunter
  • The Feared
  • The Rogue
  • The Ill-Fated
  • The Captain

All eight alignments will be present under the Pirate’s Milestones. However, for the Ship’s Milestones, only seven alignments will be present (sans The Captain); their progression will also be recorded on a per Captained ship basis.

Milestones are categorized under an alignment based on their theme

How Milestones work

All Milestone Alignments can be leveled up by repeatedly completing the appropriate tasks under them. Each milestone task completed will increased the class of that milestone by one. As the classes of each individual milestone goes up, the amount and quality of the rewards that get unlocked also increases. Each milestone class will also count towards the total class of the Alignment it belongs to.

Once an Alignment has reached Class 50, the player will be rewarded with either a Legendary Title or a Legendary Ship Title; the ship title will allow players to purchase another ship of the same type.

A major perk of completing milestones is it will unlock trinkets and other pirate and ship cosmetic items that share the theme of the Alignment the completed milestones belong to. The higher the quality of a trinket or a cosmetic item is, the higher the class from a particular alignment is needed to unlock it.

An example of a ship with trinkets and cosmetics that came from The Feared alignment

Milestones per Alignment

Completing each milestone task listed down in each alignment will increase the milestone class by one. Each milestone will also provide rewards that belong to the theme of the Alignment it’s under.

  • The Gold Seeker
    • 90,000 Gold Earned
    • x450 Treasures Sold
    • x75 Treasures Sold to The Gold Hoarders
    • x75 Treasures Sold to The Merchant Alliance
    • x75 Treasures Sold to The Order of Souls
    • x15 Treasures Sold to Athena’s Fortune
    • x75 Treasures Sold to The Reaper’s Bones
    • x75 Treasures Sold to The Sovereigns
  • The Voyager
    • x20 Voyage Quests Completed
    • x10 Gold Hoarder Voyage Quests Completed
    • x10 Merchant Alliance Voyage Quests Completed
    • x10 Order of Souls Voyage Quests Completed
    • x10 Athena’s Fortune Voyage Quests Completed
    • x15 Devil’s Roar Voyage Quests Completed
    • 7,500 Value of Treasure Shared on the Quest Board
    • x5 Quest Board Maps Completed
    • x5 Discovered Quests Completed
    • x1 Tall Tales Completed
    • 200 Nautical Miles Sailed
    • x5 Captained Ships Spotted
    • x5 Days at Sea
    • x15 Islands Visited
    • x3 Shipwrecks Visited
    • x3 Rowboats Docked Aboard
  • The Emissary
    • 30,000 Gold Earned as a Gold Hoarder Emissary
    • 30,000 Gold Earned as a Merchant Alliance Emissary
    • 30,000 Gold Earned as a Order of Souls Emissary
    • 30,000 Gold Earned as a Athena’s Fortune Emissary
    • 30,000 Gold Earned as a Reapers Bones Emissary
  • The Hunter
    • x35 Provisions Cooked
    • x75 Provisions Eaten
    • x40 Provisions Sold to the Hunter’s Call
    • x25 Ancientscales Caught
    • x25 Battlegills Caught
    • x25 Devilfish Caught
    • x25 Islehoppers Caught
    • x25 Plentifins Caught
    • x25 Pondies Caught
    • x25 Splashtails Caught
    • x25 Stormfish Caught
    • x25 Wildsplashes Caught
    • x25 Wreckers Caught
  • The Feared
    • x200 Cannons Fired
    • x1 Krakens Vanquished
    • x1 Hungering Ones Vanquished
    • x1 Crested Queens Vanquished
    • x1 Shadowmaws Vanquished
    • x1 Ancient Terrors Vanquished
    • x1 Shrouded Ghosts Vanquished
    • x25 Ghost Ships Vanquished
    • x3 Skeleton Ships Vanquished
    • x150 Skeletons Vanquished
    • x3 Skeleton Lords Vanquished
    • x90 Phantoms Vanquished
    • x90 Ocean Crawlers Vanquished
    • x90 Sirens Vanquished
    • x90 Sharks Vanquished
    • x1 Skeleton Forts Conquered
    • x1 Forts of the Damned Conquered
    • x3 Sea Forts Conquered
    • x3 Sunken Kingdom Treasuries Conquered
  • The Rogue
    • 60 Minutes Spent Playing Shanties
    • x150 Grogs Poured
    • 60 Minutes Spent Sleeping
    • 60 Minutes Spent Sitting
  • The Ill-Fated
    • 25 Times Died
    • 60 Minutes Spent in Storms
    • 60 Minutes Spent on Fire
    • x25 Repairs Made
    • x100 Buckets Bailed
    • x10 Times Sunk
  • The Captain
    • x1 Sloops Captained
    • x1 Brigantines Captained
    • x1 Galleons Captained

Once a player has obtained the highest reward for a milestone, they can still level up its class, however they will no longer be able to get additional rewards from it.

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