Where Is The Ruins in Fortnite?

Where Is The Ruins in Fortnite featured

Players are looking for The Ruins in Fortnite. This lesser known landmark doesn’t exactly have a mark on its spot on the Chapter 3 map leading many to wonder where it is. On this article, we’ll talk about where you can find The Ruins in Fortnite.

Fortnite The Ruins Location

The Ruins is located on the northeast edge of the Fortnite map. The location is just southeast of the Daily Bugle. You’ll know you’ve reached the location as it has a distinctive Mayan-inspired temple aesthetic built using gray bricks.

Refer to the map we made below for Fortnite’s The Ruins location.

The Ruins in Fortnite

The Ruins is one of the lesser known landmarks that are in Fortnite. This is partly due to its name being absent from the overall map. But also because it’s one of the first locations to be consumed by the closing circle due to it being on the edge of the island.

There’s no special weapons or special Easter eggs to be found in this location at the moment in Chapter 3. However it is reminiscent of a Mayan temple you’d normally see in Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider.

If you have a challenge to complete in The Ruins, then you’re best advised to drop there directly from the start of the match. It’s appropriately the location for one of the Indiana Jones quests. If you have any other challenge, then this landmark should be your first stop as it is usually one of the first locations to be consumed by the circle.

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That’s where to find The Ruins in Fortnite. We hope you found this guide to be informative. We have more Fortnite content for you to check out.

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