One Piece Odyssey: Challenge Cube Locations

Test your might against powerful enemies in One Piece Odyssey


After finishing the main story quest in One Piece Odyssey, players will want to find ways to earn more rewards and experience points. To do so, players can find new missions called Challenge Cubes as they contain big rewards, including rare materials and resources that can be used to upgrade the party’s attributes. In this guide, players will learn where to find them, so read on.

What Are Challenge Cubes in One Piece Odyssey?

These cubes are a set of side quests that one can undertake in One Piece Odyssey. To access them, players must first complete the main story campaign of the game, then talk to Lim who is found outside Adio’s house. Players can then start challenging these yellow cubes scattered in the game. Do note that these contain powerful enemies that Luffy and his crew have faced off with and are unlike any other bosses in the game.

All Challenge Cube Locations

There are 11 challenge cubes that can be found around different regions of Memoria, in which players can stumble upon while exploring the islands. Here’s a complete list of locations where players can find all the challenge cubes in One Piece Odyssey:

  • 1st Challenge Cube -> Hakuba
    • located at New Royal Plateau on the 2nd Level in Dressrosa
  • 2nd Challenge -> Smoker
    • located at  Alubarna Ravine, Desert Near Alubarna, Alabasta
  • 3rd Challenge -> Doflamingo
    • located at New Royal Plateau Sunflower Field, New Royal Plateau on Top of Dressrosa
  • 4th Challenge -> Burgess
    • located at the Coliseum Path, Dressrosa City Area, Dressrosa
  • 5th Challenge -> Bon Clay
    • located at Alubarna in Alabasta north of the map
  • 6th Challenge -> Crocodile
    • located at Alubarna Royal Mausoleum in Alabasta where the poneglyph is
  • 7th Challenge -> Rob Lucci
    • located at the deep sewers of Water 7 south of the map
  • 8th Challenge -> Kaku
    • located at the Tower of Law at Water 7
  • 9th Challenge -> Akainu
    • located at the Ox Plaza Bell at Marineford
  • 10th Challenge -> Kizaru
    • located at the Ox Plaza Bell at Marineford
  • 11th Challenge -> Aokiji
    • located at the Ox Plaza Bell at Marineford

Once players have completed these challenges, they will receive special accessories which can further enhance the attributes of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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