Remnant 2: How to Unlock Archon Archetype

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Remnant, as a series, hides many of its secrets behind clever mechanics that oftentimes leave the player wondering how someone could have ever figured it out in the first place. And then we are introduced to the Archon, an Archetype so secretive that it took the most dedicated part of the Remnant community to piece together the clues and literally will the armor into existence.

The Archon archetype is the 11th and final archetype that can be unlocked in the base game of Remnant 2. It is a class that derives its power from the elements, particularly electricity. At its most powerful, the Archon class is capable of steam-rolling even the toughest of bosses in the hardest of difficulties. This is probably why getting the crafting material for the class is a laundry list of requirements from different worlds.

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2?

The process of getting the equipment needed to open the portal to the place where the Archon material involves many worlds. You pretty much have to progress all the way to the final world, Root Earth, to get one of the necessary items. The rest need only know when and where to go.

Important: You can collect the requirements in any order you wish, and you don’t need to wear them at all times. It only matters when you put it all together when you make your way to the GLITCHED door in the Labyrinth.

Explorer Archetype

Your primary class should be set to the Explorer Archetype. You’ll also want to have reached Level 10 by the time you enter the secret portal. There are a couple of carefully hidden items in that location and the Fortune Hunter skill will come in handy for locating them.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be a full set of Realmwalker gear. (It’s quite appropriate to what we’re about to do.)

Invader Archetype

For your secondary class, you’ll want to run the Invader Archetype. You also want to level it up to Level 5 and have the Wormhole Skill equipped. Why you might ask? We don’t know, we don’t make the rules for secret Archetypes.

Cube Gun Handgun

The Cube Gun is one you can’t miss. The material needed to make the handgun is the reward for beating the Labyrinth Sentinel boss – a boss you’ll need to defeat in order to progress in Remnant 2.

Labyrinth Staff

You can pick up the Labyrinth Staff at any time while exploring the Labyrinth. Be warned though, it will involve taking a leap of faith.

Ford’s Scattergun

Ford’s Scattergun requires you to do the entirety of the Red Throne storyline. All in an effort to gain enough favor from the court to get the key necessary to open a hidden door somewhere in the area.

Leto’s Amulet

Leto’s Amulet is a secret item that only becomes available in Reggie’s inventory after the player successfully performs a dozen or so perfect flop dodges. (aka dodges while wearing heavy armor.)

You know you’ve gotten it right if you hear the sound prompt after a successful dodge. Once you think you’ve done enough flop dodges, head back to Reggie and buy the amulet for 1000 scrap.

Amber Moonstone

The Amber Moonstone periodically becomes available at Cass’s shop. You’ll want to snatch it up quickly as her inventory changes every time you return from one of your adventures. It’ll probably set you back 500-1000 scrap. Heck, you might be like us and buy the ring without knowing what it was going to be used for.

Black Cat Band

You can buy the Black Cat Band from Reggie for 500 scrap. From what we’ve heard, the ring becomes available after dying a certain number of times. We can’t verify this information, so check back in with Reggie after going on an Adventure mode run.

Anastasija’s Inspiration

Anastasija’s Inspiration becomes available at Whisper’s. We don’t have a definite time as to when it can be available so check back frequently until it shows up. It can be bought with 3000 scrap.

Zania’s Malice

You can get Zania’s Malice back on Root Earth. Starting from the Ashen Wasteland World Crystal, go past the second checkpoint crystal and go to the small crawlspace before dropping down the garage.

Void Heart Relic

This is probably the most time-consuming to get on the list, so depending on how you want to tackle this quest, you’ll either want to start or end with getting the Void Heart Relic.

For this one, you’ll need to start an Adventure mode starting in the Seeker’s Rest in N’Erud. Complete the whole quest and defeat Sha’hala: the Spectral Guardian.

Important: Do not go for the alternate boss encounter using the Override Pin. The reason is that after you kill the physical form of Sha’hala, it will cause the destruction of N’Erud. And losing your chance to talk to the Custodian.

After you defeat Sha’hala, report immediately back to the Custodian. He will ask if you have unfinished business on N’Erud. He will delay the launch into Alepsis Taura as long as you are on N’Erud.

Wait 12 or so hours in real-world time and you’ll see that the locations have glitched out and you only have access to Alepsis Taura. For our part, it certainly felt like we waited half a day for the event to happen. But it’s a good bet to wait for 12 hours before back on N’Erud.

When you reach the location, the only things you’ll find in the void are an audio recording and the much sought-after item, the Void Heart Relic.

When you have all the items equipped, your character should adapt a glitching effect so long as you have the whole set equipped. And it has to be the whole set or it’s not going to work at all.

Go back to the Fractured Ingress in the Labyrinth and then make your way to the shifting portal by taking a left of the huge portal.

Wait for this scene to swap in. (As pictured above.) Wait 2 seconds before deciding to jump through the portal. If all goes well, a stone bridge will materialize beneath your feet. Destroy the Specials roaming around the area. Then go into the chamber to the right. You should see a Glitching portal there. Use the Labyrinth key to open in and you should travel to the place where the Archon material is.

How to Get the Strange Box in Remnant 2?

Welcome to the Backrooms. It is a strange world of nothing but empty corridors and creepy music. Somewhere in this twisted realm is an item called the Strange Box. The box itself won’t show on radar and it somehow won’t show up when using the Fortune Hunter Skill.

Note: You only have a limited amount of time to look for objects in the Backrooms. After a certain point, the Backrooms itself will eject you back to the Labyrinth. Don’t worry though, you can keep coming back as many times as needed.

After a couple of failed attempts, we started to look to the right side of where we entered the Backrooms. The box was located somewhere in one of the corners. It might be different for you, so trust the process of elimination when looking for it.

There are a couple more items to look for in the Backrooms. Their locations will easily appear when you use your Fortune Hunter skill. Make sure to pick up the Bisected Ring and the Gunfire Security Lanyard before leaving the Backrooms. (Yes, the security lanyard from the first game makes a return and it is far better now than it was before.)

Go back to Ward 13 and have Wally craft you the Hexahedron using the Strange Box. Congratulations, you now have access to the Archon archetype.

Archon Archetype Details

The Archon is a Skills master that is capable of shaping the battlefield however way they wish. Fights usually start with the use of Skills and a hefty dose of Mods on weapons. With the right equipment, they can keep Mods up indefinitely.

At their most powerful, the Archon can use Havoc Form to utterly destroy bosses with little difficulty thanks to their “tickle fingers” and blink dodges.

Prime Perk:

  • Tempest: Automatically generate 2 Mod Power per second. Casting a Mod increases all Mod Generation by 50% for 6s.

Archetype Trait:

  • Flash Caster: Increases Mod and Skill Casting Speed by (5% – 50%).


  • Reality Rune: Conjures a 7m protective dome that applies SLOW to any enemy or enemy projectile. Allies inside gain 25% Damage Reduction. Lasts 15s. Cooldown: 75s.
  • Chaos Gate: Conjures a 7m unstable zone which grants allies a 15% increase to All Damage dealt, 25% increased Mod Generation, but increases the damage that allies take by 15%. Lasts 20s. Cooldown: 85s.
  • Havoc Form: Unleashes the powers of the Labyrinth to empower the caster with new abilities. Lasts 30s. Duration is reduced when Havoc Form special abilities are used. Cooldown: 120s.
    • FIRE: Blasts Lightning Tendrills from the Archon’s hand, dealing 84.2 SHOCK Damage per second to targets within 15m.
    • AIM: Raises a 3m Energy Shield which deals 35 SHOCK damage per second and reduces incoming damage to all allies by 50%.
    • DODGE: Performs a Blink Evade that deals 100 SHOCK damage to enemies within 3m.


  • Amplify: Increases Mod Damage by 5%. Increases with Archon Level.
  • Power Creep: After casting a Mod, 5% of the Mod Power spend will be regenerated by all allies over 10s.
  • Spirit Within: Reduces the Mod Power requirement for all Mods by 15%.
  • Power Leak: Using a Relic grants 200 Mod Power for both equipped Mods.

Archon Armor Details

Now that you have access to the Archetype, you can buy the armor set from Whispers at any time.

Labyrinth Headplate: (400 scrap)

  • Armor: 13
  • Weight: 7
  • Resistances
    • Bleed: 0
    • Fire: 2
    • Shock: 3
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Blight: 0

Labyrinth Mantle: (1150 scrap)

  • Armor: 45
  • Weight: 20
  • Resistances
    • Bleed: 0
    • Fire: 4
    • Shock: 6
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Blight: 0

Labyrinth Treads: (825 scrap)

  • Armor: 25
  • Weight: 10
  • Resistances
    • Bleed: 0
    • Fire: 3
    • Shock: 4
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Blight: 0

Labyrinth Gauntlets: (825 scrap)

  • Armor: 25
  • Weight: 10
  • Resistances
    • Bleed: 0
    • Fire: 3
    • Shock: 4
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Blight: 0

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