Atomic Heart Hardcore Mode (Explained)

How do you unlock the Atomic Heart hardcore mode?

If you’ve been taking a peek at the achievements, it seems to tell you that you need to finish the Atomic Heart hardcore mode to get one of the most difficult achievements. But the game only has three difficulties and none of them are hardcore mode so what’s going on? Let’s take a look into the difficulty settings of Atomic Heart to learn where this hardcore mode is.

Just what exactly is the hardcore mode in Atomic Heart and how do you unlock it?

What is the Atomic Heart Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart is a difficulty setting that offers more of a challenge than Armageddon. It seems that Mundfish has yet to release this mode as there’s no way to unlock it.

You may be confused about this difficulty mode as Atomic Heart has only three difficulty settings. These are Peaceful Atom, Local Failure, and Armageddon. They’re essentially the game’s Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties.

Those looking to 100% the game might be vexed looking for the Atomic Heart hardcore mode. Beating the game on hardcore difficulty unlocks the Atomic Heart achievement. The absence of hardcore mode makes it impossible to get this achievement.

At first, we thought that hardcore mode was simply just Armageddon but was poorly named. However event those who have completed the game on Armageddon did not unlock the Atomic Heart achievement.

Atomic Heart Hardcore Mode

Mundfish may add hardcore mode for Atomic Heart in a future update. We aren’t sure if it’s part of the DLC they have planned for the game. Players have expressed confusion about this difficulty setting as they couldn’t find ways to unlock it even after finishing the game on multiple difficulty settings.

As frustrating as it sounds, we’ll just have to wait until Mundfish makes an announcement online or someone discovers how to unlock hardcore mode another way.

That’s everything we know about the Atomic Heart hardcore mode.