Best Murasame RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Go toe-to-toe with powerful dinosaurs with the best Exoprimal Murasame build.

Making the best Exoprimal Murasame build means picking the right RIG and modules to make this Exosuit a better tank. It’s without a doubt that Murasame is one of the coolest-looking exosuits, with a moveset that puts it somewhere between a tank and an assault class. You can really turn the Murasame into a monster with certain modules that only make it more of a beast.

Exoprimal Murasame Best Build

Here are the best build options for Murasame:


  • Blade:


  • Slot 1: M01 – Rasetsu Step
  • Slot 2: M – Steadfast
  • Slot 3: M – Dragon Strafe

Murasame is a close-ranged combatant with high armor and a wide swing, allowing him to be in the thick of the horde and thrive. Unlike Zephyr, Murasame doesn’t have the drawbacks of being as vulnerable so we can focus on his aggression without having to fall back. Because of how Exoprimal works, the fastest team to complete objectives are usually the ones that win which is why aggressive players excel in this game.

You have a lot of good picks for which RIG and modules you want to equip for Murasame. However you’re limited to only one choice per slot so we had to pick which ones that enhance this Exosuit’s close combat abilities.

Exoprimal Murasame best RIG and Modules

Murasame is a monster in combat despite his lack of ranged options. His specialty is being able to dish out as much damage as he takes in. His Vajra Counter and Rasetsu Stance make Murasame more powerful as he absorbs more damage and certain modules only enhance what his vicious counterattacks can do.

Murasame Best RIG

You’re limited to equipping one RIG which sort of functions like an extra ability with its own cooldown. Due to fighting at close range, the Blade RIG will be very beneficial to Murasame due to how it paralyzes enemies leaving them open to his wide swings.

Because of how Murasame is exclusively tied to melee combat, you may want to use your RIG for ranged options. In that case, the Cannon is a good RIG alternative as it blasts multiple foes at a distance allowing this Exosuit to take out even those pesky Pteranodons and other flying dinosaurs he can’t reach.

Murasame Best Modules

Like any other Exosuit, Murasame is limited to three slots. Each slot has two own unique modules for Murasame to equip but you can only choose one of them. There are also general modules that can be used by any Exosuit.

For his first slot, go with Rasetsu Step instead of Radiance. After doing a Vajra Counter, Murasame’s attack will get a temporary boost and this module will help you damage enemies faster. Rasetsu Step can be unlocked once Murasame is Exosuit level 16.

For his second slot, pick Steadfast as this reduces the Vajra Counter cooldown time. This will allow you to get to Rasetsu Stance faster where your attack speed will be increased thanks to the first module slot. Steadfast can be unlocked once Murasame is Exosuit level 6.

For his third slot, pick Dragon Strafe over Tiger Strafe. This increases your defense upon using Strafe Hook which allows you to get to areas faster. If you need to finish an enemy, use Strafe Hook to get faster and let Dragon Strafe give you the boost in defense to protect you from further damage.

Exoprimal Murasame best build

You can customize Murasame’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Murasame. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Murasame build in Exoprimal.

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