Best Zephyr RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Get the best out of melee combat with the best Exoprimal Zephyr build.

The best Exoprimal Zephyr build means picking the right RIG and Modules to complement this Exosuit’s close combat playstyle. Because of his low armor rating, Zephyr is often in danger because he needs to put himself right in front of the dinosaurs. You’ll need to compensate for this with both skills and picking the right RIGs and modules so that Zephyr can perform at his best in melee combat.

Exoprimal Zephyr Best Build

Here are the best build options for Zephyr:


  • Blade: An electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes enemies on contact.


  • Slot 1: Z01 – Melee Enhancer
  • Slot 2: Z – Rebound Strike
  • Slot 3: Z – Gust Step

Making the best Zephyr build in Exoprimal isn’t an easy one as his unique modules all sound pretty good. Aggressive players thrive in Exoprimal due to how each match is based around completing objectives faster than the other team. Putting everything to make Zephyr an even better melee combatant is a must if you want to thrive.

You have a lot of picks for which RIG and modules you want to equip for Zephyr, and there are quite a few that sound just as good as each other. We picked ones that will help Zephyr maximizes his full melee potential so that he can eliminate hordes of dinosaurs and complete objectives faster.

Zephyr Best RIG and modules

Zephyr is great for PVE but using him takes a lot of skill. He has high mobility and a strong arsenal of melee attacks to take on some of the tougher dinosaurs like the Carnotaurus and Triceratops. Equipping the right RIG and modules only enhances what he’s capable of doing.

Zephyr Best RIG

You’re limited to using only one RIG which functions as an extra ability with its cooldown. The best RIG for Zephyr is the Blade which paralyzes enemies, allowing this Exosuit to come in close and finish the job. You’ll be able to unlock this RIG once you’re player level 27.

Zephyr does have limitations which you may want to use the RIG to make up for. The Cannon is a good RIG alternative to pick because of how it damages multiple enemies while giving Zephyr a good range option. Other RIGs don’t suit this Exosuit quite as well as he’s better off investing fully into being offensive.

Zephyr Best Modules

Like the other Exosuits, Zephyr is limited to three slots. Each slot contains two unique Modules for Zephyr to equip but he can only equip one of them. There are also general modules that can be used by any Exosuit.

For his first slot, pick Melee Enhancer over Assailer. While it’s tempting to be able to reduce the cooldown of your skills by hitting combos, it’s better overall to make Zephyr hit harder and faster with just his regular attacks. You’ll just have to go into each fight while keeping your skill cooldowns in mind. Melee Enhancer will unlock once Zephyr is Exosuit Level 16.

For his second slot, Rebound Strike is slightly better than Skyfall. Because it quickly closes in range and strikes faster, Rebound Strike has more utility to push away enemy players and dinosaurs who are too close for comfort. Skyfall isn’t a bad ability but you’ll have trouble using it against bigger dinosaurs. Rebound Strike will unlock once Zephyr is Exosuit level 8.

For his third slot, go with Gust Step. This gives you an additional way to push back enemies coming too close while getting yourself to safety. You’ll also get increased temporary defense upon use which could be a lifesaver. Gust Step will unlock once Zephyr is Exosuit level 14.

Exoprimal Zephyr Best Build

You can customize Zephyr’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Zephyr. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Zephyr build in Exoprimal.

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