Best Vigilant RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Make your shots count with the best Exoprimal Vigilant build.

Making the best Exoprimal Vigilant build means picking the right RIG and modules to complement this Exosuit’s long-range combat playstyle. Being the marksman of the team, Vigilant offers the most ranged offensive options of any other Exosuit. However, Vigilant can be quite vulnerable up close, so you need the right RIG and modules to compensate for that.

Exoprimal Vigilant Best Build

Here are the best build options for Vigilant:


  • Catapult: Perform a quick boost in jump in the direction you are moving.


  • Slot 1: V01 – Charge Enhancer
  • Slot 2: Crisis Module
  • Slot 3: Floating Vault

Making the best Vigilant build in Exoprimal means choosing the best RIG and modules that will make this Exosuit perform at its best in long distances. Vigilant excels in high single target damage so boosting that with the right modules means he can take out bigger dinosaurs and Neosaurs faster. Speed is everything in Exoprimal so the faster you take down enemies the faster you complete objectives and beat the enemy team.

You have a lot of good picks for which RIG and modules you want Vigilant to equip but only a few will benefit her style of play. We picked the ones that will help Vigilant increase single-target damage making her lethal against bosses and enemy players.

Vigilant best RIG and modules

Vigilant excels in both PVP and PVE so long as she has good positioning and support from her team. You can use her double jump to reach higher places that other Exosuits can’t reach and her ability to freeze enemy Exosuits in their tracks gives her an opening to go for those critical headshots.

Vigilant Best RIG

Vigilant is limited to only one RIG which functions as an extra ability. Because she lacks a proper dodge like other Exosuits and her double jump doesn’t get her very far horizontally, it’s best to give her Catapult which will allow her to move away safely from danger.

If you want to give her more utility, you can equip Shield instead to keep firing at a distance while protecting herself from Exosuits who can combat her at long ranges. This energy shield can also be used if enemy dinosaurs get too close for comfort.

Vigilant Best Modules

Like the other Exosuits, Vigilant is limited to three slots. Only one module can be equipped per slot and each slot has their own two unique modules where you have to pick only one. There are also general modules that can be used by any Exosuit.

For her first slot, pick Charge Enhancer over Charge Linker. Aiming down your sights with Vigilant increases the power of your shot to the point that critical hits can put down weaker Exosuits in two shots. With Charge Enhancer, this adds a second level of charge allowing for an even more powerful shot that consumes more ammo. This module unlocks at Vigilant Exosuit level 16.

For her second slot, we recommend going with Crisis Module. This adds a layer of defense that allows you to move fast away from danger when your health drops below a certain point. Frostbite is a good alternative that locks enemies allowing you to deliver those critical shots but it travels too slow to be of use from afar.

For her third slot, pick Floating Vault over Freezing Vault. You’ll gain even more damage when you use Vault and with Charge Enhancer, you can deal dangerous damage to enemy players and bigger dinosaurs. This unlocks at Vigilant Exosuit level 12.

Exoprimal best Vigilant build

You can customize Vigilant’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Vigilant. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Vigilant build in Exoprimal.

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