Exoprimal Neosaurs List

You think that the normal dinosaurs are tough already? Find out about all the Neosaurs you'll meet in this Exoprimal guide.

Exoprimal Neosaurs cover image

The side effects of time travel have affected dinosaurs enough to cause them to mutate into Exoprimal Neosaurs, which are their more dangerous counterparts. These aren’t your ordinary, regular Dinosaurs, and they’ve been so genetically disturbed that they’re an even bigger threat. Read on as we list and detail all the Exoprimal Neosaurs you’ll encounter during your playthrough.

All Exoprimal Neosaurs

Here are the Neosaurs in Exoprimal that can be encountered:

  • Cryo Neosaur
  • Evoker Neosaur
  • Gas Neosaur
  • Neo Ankylosaurus
  • Neo Tyrannosaurus
  • Pyro Neosaur
  • Sniper Neosaur
  • Stealth Neosaur
  • Umbral Neosaur

There are at least 9 confirmed Neosaurs in Exoprimal that you’ll fight in the game. You’ll find out more about them in Exoprimal’s story mode equivalent, Dino Survival. These mutated dinosaurs have extra abilities that make them more dangerous than their normal counterparts.

You’ll have to squad up with other players in Exoprimal to tackle these mutated Neosaurs before they can further be a threat to humanity than they already are. Each player within the team can choose their class and Exosuit that best compliments team composition to combat the many type of Neosaurs in the game.

These Neosaurs are different from their regular dinosaurs counterpart. This list will only contain Neosaurs which you’ll encounter in the game’s PvE content.

Here’s a description of each Neosaur you’ll be fighting in Exoprimal:

Cryo Neosaur

Cryo Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

The Cryo Neosaur is a variation of the Sinornithosaurus, which can throw ice lances from afar to attack players. What’s troublesome is that the Cryo Neosaur has a tendency to blend in among the horde, so you don’t know there’s a block of sharp ice coming your way until it’s too late. Upon being spotted, the Cryo Neosaur can produce clones of itself, making it even more confusing to fight against.

Evoker Neosaur

Evoker Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

A version of the Pteranodon that summons its own allies, the Evoker Neosaur doesn’t attack directly. Instead, it will keep summoning Pteranodon so long as it’s alive and commanding them to attack you. If you don’t want to be swarmed by flying dinosaurs, then it’s in your best interest to take this Neosaur out as fast as possible.

Gas Neosaur

Gas Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

When you see the Gas Neosaur running for you, get away as fast as possible. These will bomb you kamikaze style and hit you hard with their gas once they self-destruct. You can distinguish them from the large bumps on their backs that glow an unhealthy red. Keep it as far away as possible and let ranged Exosuits like Vigilant and Deadeye deal with it.

Neo Ankylosaurus

Neo Ankylosaurus - Exoprimal Neosaurs

The Neo Ankylosaurus is even more sturdy and impenetrable than the regular Ankylosaurus. While keeping the usual distance away from the Ankylosaurus might work, Neo Ankylosaurus will throw projectiles using its tail that explode and deal a lot of damage. This is akin to dealing with a tank, and you’re going to need a lot of heavy firepower to put the Neo Ankylosaurus down for good.

Neo Tyrannosaurus

Neo Tyrannosaurus - Exoprimal Neosaurs

The Neo Tyrannosaurus is a beast so dangerous that you need ten players to take it down for good. It even has its own special mission unique to hunting it down. If you thought the regular T. Rex was dangerous, imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex firing laser beams, causing shockwaves that stagger players, and summoning other Neosaurs to do its bidding. That’s the Neo Tyrannosaurus, and it will take everything from your squad to put one down.

Pyro Neosaur

Pyro Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

Another version of the Pteranodon, but this time the Pyro Neosaur does combat you directly. This Neosaur will barrage you with flames from the skies, so you’ll do well to have a Vigilant on your squad to snipe it down before it gets too comfortable. The flames of the Pyro Neosaur make it hard to miss.

Sniper Neosaur

Sniper Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

While dinosaurs are a bit limited in their ranged options, the Sniper Neosaur makes up for that by throwing projectiles from a distance. This version will teleport away when you get near them, making them annoying to deal with. You’ll have to fight this Neosaur in Exoprimal on its own terms.

Stealth Neosaur

Stealth Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

If you thought that the Sinornithosaurus was hard to notice, then imagine the Stealth Neosaur, which is a variant suited for stealth. It can literally turn invisible, and it’s almost impossible to detect until it attacks a player. The Stealth Neosaur can even go through energy shields, and players who latch onto them can receive a paralyzing shock that leaves them open to attacks.

Umbral Neosaur

Umbral Neosaur - Exoprimal Neosaurs

The green Raptors have now turned a sickly purple, with the Umbral Neosaur just looking flat out unhealthy. These Neosaurs can burrow into the ground and hide underneath their own shadow. Not only does this make them harder to see, but they’ll also be invulnerable during this period. It’s like playing whack-a-mole but with dinosaurs that won’t emerge from the ground until they lock onto a player to attack.