Cyberpunk 2077 Gig: Waiting For Dodger Walkthrough

How to complete Waiting For Dodger Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Tell Dodger the Truth or Lie?

Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting For Dodger Gig cover

Cyberpunk 2077 Gig: Waiting For Dodger is one of the Gigs you’ll be doing for Mr. Hands in the Phantom Liberty DLC.  Not even the police are safe from danger in the dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077. Gigs like Waiting For Dodger get you an inside look at just how dangerous it is to be law enforcement in Night City. This Gig can be accomplished in multiple ways and have different outcomes depending on your choices.

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to complete the Waiting For Dodger Gig in the best way possible and the rewards gained upon completion.

Waiting For Dodger Walkthrough

The Waiting For Dodger Gig will be available after from Mr. Hands after completing the opening mission called “Spider and the Fly” for Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. This Gig can be started by heading to the green Gig icon on your map near the former NCPD Station close to the Grand Imperial Mall fast travel point.

Waiting For Dodger map location

Once you’re at the location, you’ll get a call from Mr. Hands who tells you about two NCPD officers who tried to make a deal with Dodger only to end up getting captured. The fixer tells you to talk to Stella, who is the fiancée of one of the captured officers. Enter the car indicated by your objective marker to start talking to her and she’ll fill you in about her fiancé Bill and his partner Charlie.

After exiting the car, the NCPD station is just across the street. You can enter via the front door. There are plenty of enemies however thanks to the many corridors, it’s easy to stealth through this Gig. Although it won’t matter if you kill the enemies inside, you will unlock additional dialogue near the end of the Gig if you complete this quest without killing anyone.

Inside the NCPD station, your objective is to find Bill and Charlie. They’re in the basement which you can access via the elevator at the back of the first floor. It’s on the left side of the offices just past some small stairs below.

Basement with Bill and Charlie

After getting into the basement floor there is an enemy guard trying to get inside the door at the end of the hallway. Grab him and knock him out. Talk to the stranger on the other side of the door and you’ll find out that he’s Charles. Help him open the door and he’ll take you inside to where Bill is.

It’s here that you’ll find out the truth. The two cops you’ve been sent to rescue have arrested a thief who stole from Dodger, who then swallowed the drugs he stole. The thief overdosed and the two NCPD officers tried to get the already-dissolved drugs out by cutting the corpse open. Now they’re afraid that Dodger will kill them for failing to retrieve his drugs.

This surprises both V and Johnny who are impressed by their stupidity. Regardless V agrees to help get them out. Only they have to do so using their squad car from the garage. So you’ll have to escort them.

Garage hallway

From here follow the two cops outside the room and down the stairs on the left. They’ll open the door on the lower floor. You’ll have to take care of the camera in the hallway and an enemy guard at the end before Bill and Charlie can pass safely. Follow them to a room with a bunch of computers but you can’t proceed because the door is shut tight.

You can force the door open if you have at least a 17 Body stat. Otherwise, go back to the hallway and enter the server room near the entrance from the stairs. Override the power box just across the entrance and then go back to Bill and Charlie.

Garage Storage Room

You’ll enter a storage room being guarded by two enemies. Quickhack the yellow machine to draw them near with a distraction and then knock them out from behind. Afterwards, you can proceed into the locker room.

The locker room has two more guards. Quickhack a distraction with the vending machine and then sneak up behind the one in the chair. Knock him out and then do the same for the other guard. The garage is just next door from here.

Confronting Dodger

Here’s where you have to make an important decision. Before Bill and Charlie can reach their squad car, Dodger makes an appearance. He presses the three of you for what happened and as the two NCPD officers fumble for answers he turns to V.

You have two options that will lead to different outcomes. You can lie and back up the stories Bill and Charlie are trying to tell, or you can also fess up and just tell Dodger the truth about what happened.

Should you tell Dodger the truth?

Depending on your dialogue choices when you confront Dodger, the outcomes will be different on each of the choices below:

Lie to Dodger Choice

I would say choosing to lie to Dodger and back up the stories of Bill and Charlie is the best option because this is your one chance to get your hands on Cyberpunk 2077’s Iconic Revolver, the Rosco. Here are the dialogue choices to get this outcome:

  • “I was hired to help.”
  • “He’s telling the truth.”

Dodge will think something is up and immediately turn hostile. Bill and Charlie will duck behind the squad car so it’s up to you to take him and his bodyguards out. They’re not a tough fight and will go down easily.

Once the fight is done, loot Dodger’s body for the Iconic (Tier +5) Power Revolver, Rosco. It’s got a +150% Headshot Damage Multiplier, +25% Armor Penetration, +50% Crit Damage. Rosco is a revolver that can instantly kill regular enemies if you shoot them in the leg first, followed by a headshot. It also deals extra critical damage, making it effective against tougher enemies like bosses, mini-bosses, cyberpsychos, and those with a skull on their health bar. Plus, headshots against enemies on the ground will always result in critical damage.

Tell Dodger the Truth Choice

You can ultimately tell Dodger the truth to avoid any skirmishes. He surprisingly laughs it off and mocks the two idiots for going the mile on his lost goods. Dodger will let Bill and Charlie go citing that it was worth losing his product over the story and dismiss them. Here are the dialogue choices to get this outcome:

  • “I was hired to help.”
  • “He’s telling the truth.”
  • “He’s lying.”

You can’t get his iconic weapon this way but everyone comes out alive.

Regardless of what you pick, exit the former NCPD station and Mr. Hands will call you to ask what happened. After the call, you’re done with the Waiting For Dodger Gig. Collect your reward, and here, V learns never to do Gigs for cops ever again.

Waiting For Dodger Rewards: 8,000 eddies, +1,355 XP

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