Dave the Diver: Where to Find White Spotted Jellyfish

This guide talks about the White Spotted Jellyfish, showing where to find and how to catch one in Dave the Diver.

White Spotted Jellyfish Dave the Diver cover

So you’re running your sushi restaurant, and a VIP comes in to ask for a dish that involves a White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver. As you seek to supply only the best, you’ll have to go the extra mile to look for this particular sea creature in order to get the ingredients you need. The trouble is that the White Spotted Jellyfish only appears in a certain location, and you have to take it alive.

Read on as we show you where the White Spotted Jellyfish location is in Dave the Diver and how to capture it.

White Spotted Jellyfish Location in Dave the Diver

The White Spotted Jellyfish can be found in Limestone Cave, which is available in Chapter 2 after you’ve done a mission for Dr. Bacon. You’ll need an upgraded diving suit to reach this area because it’s too deep for the standard suit to handle.

White Spotted Jellyfish can be recognized by their light green color and white spots, hence the name. There are plenty to be found in the Limestone Cave, which is approximately 100 meters beneath the surface. If you’re having trouble looking for it, look for the Stalactite Cave, which is exactly the same location.

There are times when the Limestone Cave won’t spawn on a certain dive. If you’ve already blown up the Limestone Cave entrance for Dr. Bacon, then this location will already be available to you. But there are certain times when you dive down and just can’t find it.

How to Catch White Spotted Jellyfish Alive in Dave the Diver

Catching the White Spotted Jellyfish alive means stunning it first before going up and putting it in your inventory. Equipment such as the Hush Dart weapon can put the sea creature to sleep for a few seconds, giving you enough time to capture it safely.

Be careful when approaching jellyfish in Dave the Diver, as they can sting you upon touch. This is why you need to stun them first before you can get them. Using lethal weapons will kill the White Spotted Jellyfish and you can tell they’re dead because their corpse has a dark color.

Dave the Diver White Spotted Jellyfish in Limestone Cave

Taking the White Spotted Jellyfish alive is important for fulfilling the VIP’s request. When you have it in your inventory, you can now go back to your sushi restaurant. However, be sure to get Sea grapes, which can be found in Limestone Cave as well and are one of the ingredients for making this VIP’s sushi.

Sea Grape Jellyfish Sushi Ingredients:

  • White Spotted Jellyfish
  • Sea Grape
  • Salt

White Spotted Jellyfish and Sea Grape can both be found in the Limestone Cave. The location is stocked with those two ingredients, so get as many as you can. Salt can be found in the Blue Hole’s crockpots, so it can be found mostly anywhere.