Destiny 2 – All the Gunsmith God Rolls To get Before Witch Queen

This guide will help you keep the guns that are going to be useful in the next expansion

Destiny 2 is closing in on its next big expansion with the Destiny 2: Witch Queen releasing on February 22nd, 2022. And with a new expansion there are a lot of changes coming which we know of so far. The Changes we know are in terms of:

Banshee-44 aka the Gunsmith will have all his Gunsmith Materials and Weapon Telemetries removed and will be getting a new reputation system that matches the other vendors in the Tower. Even a player who started playing Destiny 2 recently will have a plenty of Gunsmith Materials as they obtained by dismantling any armor or gun.

The Gunsmith offers a lot of the World Loot pool guns in Destiny 2 which is about 50+ Legendary guns with a few of them being top tier so I would recommend depositing all the Gunsmith Materials possible before the materials are removed from the game by Destiny 2: Witch Queen.

This article is going to be a guide to what are the best Guns to keep along with the best rolls on them. This will be mainly a guide about the last two perks of the guns and not the barrel/Mag perks (with a few exceptions) as those do not significantly effect the guns, in my opinion.

These Guns will be given bellow with respect to their Ammo Type and Archetype:

Auto Rifles

Auto Rifles are going to be using champions mods again next season with Autos along with SMGs getting the Overload champion mods. So having a set of Good auto rifles can be good for Witch Queen and its season.

False Promises (Kinetic)

False Promises is a 360RPM Kinetic Auto rifle which is a pretty good PvE Gun with the right perks. This is not a top tier gun but it is pretty reliable to use.

False Promises

Recommended Rolls:

  • Overflow And Rampage/Swashbuckler (PvE)
  • Feeding Frenzy and Rampage (PvE)

Seventh Seraph Carbine (Kinetic)

Seventh Seraph Carbine is a 450RPM Auto Rifle in the Kinetic Slot. The main selling point of this gun is that it one the few which can produce Warmind cells in PvE. Warmind cells were nerfed recently but still are pretty useful in PvE. Even without Warmind Cells this is a pretty good Auto rifle for endgame.

Destiny 2 Gun
Seventh Seraph Carbine

Recommended Rolls:

  • Fourth Times the Charm and Vorpal/Rampage (PvE)
  • Auto-Loading and Vorpal

Vorpal is really good on the gun as it got buffed on all guns which use primary ammo.

Scathelock (Kinetic)

Scathelock is the best kinetic alternative to Gnawing Hunger and is one of the best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2. It is a 600RPM gun.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Subsistence and Rampage/Multi-kill Clip (PvE)
  • Heating Up and Multi-kill Clip (PvE)(PvP)

Gnawing Hunger (Energy)

Gnawing Hunger is one of the best PvE guns in the whole game. And I would say that it is a must have for any player. It is a 600 RPM which does Void Damage.

Gnawing Hunger

Recommended Rolls:

  • Subsistence and Rampage/Swashbuckler/Multi-kill Clip/Kill Clip (PvE)
  • Tap the Trigger and Kill Clip/Multi-kill Clip (PvP)

The Number (Energy)

Contrasting with “Gnawing Hunger” is the “The Number” which in my opinion is one of the few useless guns in the game both in terms of PvE and PvP. It is a 450RPM gun with Arc Damage. I would say not to save this gun unless you have the absolute god roll.

The Number

Recommended Rolls:

  • Threat Detector and One for all/Multi-kill Clip (PvE)

Sub-Machine Guns

Along with Auto Rifles SMGs are going to get Overload Champions mods in Destiny 2: Witch Queen which makes them sought after.

Death Adder (Energy)

Death Adder is an Energy 900RPM Solar SMG and is really fun and good ad clear.

Death Adder

Recommended Rolls:

  • Subsistence/Feeding Frenzy and Dragonfly (PvE)

Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2 (Energy)

The Ikelos SMG is pretty good and very useful in terms of making Warmind Cells. Overall it is a fine PvE Gun. It is a 750RPM weapon with arc damage.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Subsistence and Vorpal/Demolitionist (PvE)
  • Threat Detector and Surrounded (PvE)

Seventh Seraph VY-7 (Energy)

Just like Ikelos this gun can also produce Warmind cells but it is comparatively less preferable on a whole but it is still pretty good. It is a 600RPM weapon with Arc Damage.

Seventh Seraph VY-7

Recommended Rolls:

  • Ambitious Assassin and Vorpal/Feeding Frenzy/Dragonfly (PvE)
  • Fourth Times the Charm and Vorpal/Feeding Frenzy/Dragonfly (PvE)

Stochastic Variable (Energy)

Stochastic Variable is not a top tier gun but is pretty fun to play around with. It is a 900RPM gun with arc damage.

Stochastic Variable

Recommended Rolls:

  • Surplus and Multi-Kill Clip/Dragonfly/Wellspring (PvE)
  • Feeding Frenzy and Multi-Kill Clip/Dragonfly (PvE)


Bows, along with Scouts, are going to be one of the Anti-Barrier Champion weapons so having a good bow would be ideal for next season.

Whispering Slab (Kinetic)

Whispering Slab is a really good bow for champions due to the rolls it has and it is a great work horse weapon. It is a Kinetic Bow.

Whispering Slab

Recommended Rolls:

  • Archers Tempo and Vorpal/Sympathetic Arsenal (PvE)

Arsenic Bite-4B (Energy)

Being one of the first bows ever introduced to the game the Arsenic Bite does not have much interesting Rolls. But it is still a pretty ok Weapon with the explosive head perk

Arsenic Bite-4B

Recommended Rolls:

  • Rampage and Explosive Head (PvE)


Hand cannons do not have any champion mods for the next season but are pretty reliable weapons in PvE and PvP.

Dire Promise (Kinetic)

Dire Promise is a Kinetic 140 RPM hand cannon and it is one of the best PvP hand cannons in the game.

Dire Promice

Recommended Roll:

  • Opening Shot/Snapshots and Rangefinder (PvP)

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (Kinetic)

Just like all the Seventh seraph weapons this can produce Warmind cells. It is an 180RPM HC in the kinetic slot.

Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver

Recommended Rolls:

  • Ambitious Assassin and Timed Payload/Vorpal (PvE)
  • Firmly Planted and Timed Payload (PvP)

Ikelos_HC_V1.0.2 (Energy)

Ikelos_HC_V1.0.2 is a 180 RPM Void weapon. It is a PvE hand cannon which can produce Warmind cells.


Recommended Roll:

  • Subsistence and Vorpal

Nature of the Beast (Energy)

Nature of the Beast is a 120RPM Hand cannon in the energy slot with Arc Damage. Even after the nerf to 120s they are still pretty good in PvP.

Nature of the Beast

Recommended Rolls:

  • Quickdraw/Snapshots and Rangefinder (PvP)
  • Subsistence and Vorpal/Dragonfly (PvE)

Annual Skate (Energy)

Annual Skate is a 140RPM Energy hand cannon which is really good in PvP.

Annual Skate

Recommended Rolls:

  • Surplus/outlaw/Slideshot and Timed Payload (PvP)
  • Surplus and Wellspring (PvE) (PvP)


Cold Denial (Kinetic)

Cold Denial is a 600RPM Kinetic Weapon. This is a pretty average gun honestly.

Cold Denial

Recommended Rolls:

  • Feeding Frenzy and Multi-Kill Clip (PvE)
  • Killing Wind and Multi-Kill Clip (PvP)

Legal Action is a 340RPM Pulse which is pretty good in PvP.

Legal Action II

Recommended Roll:

  • Heating Up and Rampage (PvP)
  • Heating Up and Frenzy (PvE)

Last Perdition (Energy)

Last Perdition is a 390RPM Pulse in the Energy slot and it does Void Damage. It is a ok gun to play around with PvP and PvE.

Last Perdition

Recommended Rolls:

  • Outlaw and Rampage/Kill Clip (PvE)&(PvE)
  • Rangefinder and Kill Clip (PvE)


Scout-Rifles are going to be Anti-Barrier Champion Weapons during Destiny 2: Witch Queen and the next season. So a good rolled one will be really good to have.

Night Watch (Kinetic)

Night Watch is a really good gun for champions. Actually, anyone can get the god roll when they do the New Light campaign when one starts a new Character. Anyways there are a few rolls which are all great.

Night Watch

Recommended Rolls:

  • Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload (PvE)
  • Subsistence and Explosive Payload (PvE)

Contingency Plan (Energy)

Contingency Plan is a really versatile PvP and PvE Gun which has many good rolls.

Contingency Plan

Recommended Rolls:

  • Subsistence and Frenzy/Kill Clip/One for all (PvE)
  • Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip (PvP)

Eternal Blazon (Energy)

Eternal Blazon is a 200RPM gun which does Arc Damage. It is really good with activities which need arc damage.

Eternal Blazon

Recommended Rolls:

  • Rapid Hit and Disruption Break/One for all/Kill Clip (PvE)
  • Overflow and Disruption Break/One for all/Kill Clip (PvE)

Pleiades Corrector (Energy)

Pleiades Corrector is a ok Scout and is useful to have for any activities needing Solar damage. It is a 200RPM Solar damage weapon.

Pleiades Corrector

Recommended Rolls:

  • Fourth Times the Charm and Demolitionist/Multi-Kill Clip (PvE)
  • Subsistence and Demolitionist/Multi-Kill Clip (PvE)


I personally do not like sidearms. But it may be because I play Destiny 2 on Mouse and Keyboard. I have heard that they are better on the controller. Also, they do not have any champion mods they will be not used much. this will be just a basic recommendation.

Lonesome (Kinetic)

Lonesome is a pretty fine sidearm all around. It is a 260RPM Sidearm in the Kinetic Slot.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Rapid Hit and Swashbuckler (PvE)
  • Rapid Hit/ Outlaw and Kill Clip (PvP)

Enigma’s Draw (Kinetic)

Enigma’s Draw is a 260RPM kinetic sidearm. The rolls on it are not so interesting (imo).

Enigma’s Draw

Recommended Roll:

  • Triple Tap and Rapid Hit

Spoiler Alert (Kinetic)

Spoiler Alert normally has great lore but in terms of usage it is not so viable. But it does have a few rolls which are fun.

Spoiler Alert

Recommended Rolls:

  • Feeding Frenzy/Tunnel Vision and Frenzy

The Vision (Energy)

The Vision is a recently reissued weapon which is pretty ok at best in my opinion. It is a 491RPM Gun which does Arc Damage.

The Vision

Recommended Rolls:

  • Ambitious Assassin and One for all/ Kill Clip (PvE)

Seventh Seraph SI-2 (Energy)

As a Seventh Seraph gun, this sidearm can produce Warmind cells along with the mods. It is a 360 RPM Sidearm that does Void Damage.

Seventh Seraph SI-2

Recommended Rolls:

  • Demolitionist and Vorpal/Dragonfly (PvE)

The Last Dance (Energy)

The Last dance for me a pretty all around good PvP gun and is pretty versatile. I would have recommended Full Auto on it but with that being added as an accessibility feature I would be ignoring that perk. The Last Dance is a 491RPM Gun which does Arc Damage.

The Last Dance

Recommended Rolls:

  • Outlaw and Kill Clip/Rangefinder


Shotguns are very dominant in PvP. And Slug round Shotguns have fallen off a bit after a recent nerf but are still pretty good in PvE.

Toil and Trouble (Kinetic)

Toil and Trouble is a Kinetic Aggressive Frame shotgun. It was great in PvP till the recent nerf to Aggressive. Now is just barely fine.

Toil and Trouble

Recommended Rolls:

  • Threat Detector/Slideshot and Snapshot (PvP)

First In, Last Out (Energy)

First in, Last Out was one of th best DPS options back in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer. But now after the nerf it is still pretty good just not Top Tier. It is a Slug Shotgun with Arc Damage.

First In, Last Out

Recommended Roll:

  • Auto Loading and Vorpal (PvE)

Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Energy)

This like all the other Seventh Seraph weapons can produce Warmind cells but what is more important on this gun is that it is one of the best energy shotguns in PvP in my opinion. It is a Lightweight gun in the energy slot.

Seventh Seraph CQC-12

Recommended Rolls:

  • Quickdraw/Slideshot and Snapshot (PvP)

Wishbringer (Energy)

Wishbringer is a rapid fire frame shotgun in the energy slot and I do not really like it much in terms of PvP or PvE. So I will not be recommending a roll on this gun at all as I don’t think it is any good.


Ikelos_SG_V1.0.2 (Energy)

Ikelos_SG_V1.0.2  is a PvE shotgun but non-slugs have not been the best in PvE for a while.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Lead from Gold and Vorpal/Trench Barrel

Retrofuturist (Energy)

Retrofuturist is a lightweight shotgun in the energy slot which is pretty good in PvP and with the right roll can be really good.


Recommended Roll:

  • Quickdraw and Snapshot

The Decide (Energy)

The Decide is a Rapid-Fire Frame void shotgun. It one of the few shotguns which can roll with One Two Punch making it really valuable to any players who play Titan as the perk is really good with hammer Titan in PvE.

The Deicide

Recommended Roll:

  • Lead from Gold and One Two Punch


Snipers are in a pretty good place in terms of PvP(sniping) and PvE(DPS) usage for now so having a well rolled sniper is pretty useful.

Long Shadow (Kinetic)

Long Shadow is a 90 RPM Sniper in the Kinetic Slot. It is pretty versatile with the right rolls.

Long Shadow

Recommended Rolls:

  • Snapshot and Outlaw/Moving Target (PvP)
  • Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload (PvE)

Shepherd’s Watch (Kinetic)

Shepherd’s Watch is 90 RPM Kinetic Sniper with quite unique perks.

Shepherd’s Watch

Recommended Rolls:

  • No Distractions and Snapshots/Opening Shot
  • Lead from Gold and Firing Line/Frenzy

Distant Tumulus (Energy)

Distant Tumulus is a 140RPM Energy sniper which has good PvE rolls.

Distant Tumulus

Recommended Rolls:

  • Clown Cartridge/Lead from Gold and Firing Line

Ikelos_SR_V1.0.2 (Energy)

Ikelos Sniper is a 140 RPM Solar Sniper. It is a pretty good PvE sniper but I do not think it has much use in PvP.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Fourth Times the Charm/Triple Tap and Box Breathing (PvE)

Widow’s Bite (Energy)

Widow’s Bite is a 140RPM Solar Sniper. I personally do not care much for this gun and would recommend it only in PvP.

Widow’s Bite

Recommended Rolls:

  • Firmly Planted and Opening shot (PvP)


Fusions have been Really good in Destiny 2 with the Season of Lost and with the Particle Deconstruction mod. And also they got buffed even without that so that are a pretty good to use before Destiny 2: Witch Queen and maybe after too.

Hollow Words (Energy)

Hollow Words is a Precision Frame (740 Charge Time) with Arc Damage and overall it is a pretty Average gun but it does have a few good rolls.

Hollow Words

Recommended Rolls:

  • Lead from Gold and Vorpal/Disruption Break (PvE)

Timelines’ Vertex (Energy)

Timeline’s Vertex is a 660RPM rifle which is really good PvP fusion rile with a very particular roll.

Timeline’s Vertex

Recommended Roll:

  • Firmly Planted and Snapshot Sights

Cartesian Coordinate (Energy)

Cartesian Coordinate essentially is one the best Fusions in Destiny 2 PvE after all the buffs it had with Season of the Lost. It is a Rapid Fire Frame (460RPM) with Solar Damage.

Cartesian Coordinate

Recommended Rolls:

  • Under pressure and Vorpal (PvE)
  • Lead from Gold and Vorpal (PvE)

Grenade launchers

Truthteller (Energy)

Truthteller is a energy slot Void Special Grenade Launcher. And unlike other special weapons it can roll with with Blinding nodes in the 2nd column which is really good. So the rolls recommended will have that.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Binding Nades with Auto Loading and Quickdraw (PvP) (PvE)
  • Binding Nades with Auto Loading and Disruption Break (PvE)

Berenger’s Memory (Heavy)

Berenger’s Memory is a heavy Grenade launcher with Void Damage. Heavy GLs have not been in the best place in Destiny 2 but saving a good roll of a few is ideal in case of a buff.

Berenger’s Memory

Recommended Roll:

  • Clown Cartridge and Disruption Break (PvE)

Outrageous Fortune (Heavy)

Outrageous Fortune is a heavy GL with Solar damage. It does not have much PvE usage.

Outrageous Fortune

Recommended Rolls:

  • Threat Detector and Quickdraw (PvP)

Memory Interdict (Heavy)

Memory Interdict is a heavy Solar GL and it has some pretty fun and good rolls.

Memory Interdict

Recommended Rolls:

  • Impulse Amplifier/Clown Cartridge and Chain Reaction (PvE)
  • Impulse Amplifier/Auto loading and Danger Zone (PvP)

Interference VI

Interference VI is one of the best heavy Grenade launchers in the game with unique perks.

Interference VI

Recommended Rolls:

  • Clown Cartridge/Auto Loading and Full Court (PvP)

Linear Fusion Rifles

Liner Fusion Rifles have been really good in PvE in the past season but their viability outside Sleeper Simulant is a bit questionable after the Particle Deconstruction mod is removed by Destiny 2: Witch Queen. Still have a good Rolled LFR can do great damage. But there is only one in the world loot pool to farm here.

Tarantula (Heavy)

Tarantula is an Arc Linear Fusion Rifle. It is the only non sunset arch LFR in the game but the rolls on it are not the best. Still it does decent DPS.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Firmly Planted and Kill Clip/Box Breathing (PvE)

Machine Guns

Machine guns are not in the best place in Destiny 2 but having a decent pone around can be handy if there is a buff.

Seventh Seraph Saw (Heavy)

Seventh Seraph Saw is a decent Arc machine gun. and like any seventh seraph weapon is mainly used to produce Warmind cells.

Seventh Seraph Saw

Recommended Rolls:

  • Clown Cartridge and Vorpal/Firing Line (PvE)

Rocket Launchers

Rocket Launchers have been in a pretty good spot since Season of Chosen due to the new perks but the only two rocket launcher in the world pool does not have these perks making this a bit less powerful.

Bad Omens (Heavy)

Bad Omens is a Void Rocket launcher. Sadly it does not have many interesting or powerful perks on it to make it really good. It is just fine at best on its good rolls.

Bad Omens

Recommended Rolls:

  • Tracking Module/Auto Loading and Cluster Bombs (PvE)

Hoosegow (Heavy)

Hoosegow is an Arc Rocket launcher. It is in a very similar situation in terms of perks to Bad Omen.


Recommended Rolls:

  • Tracking Module/Auto Loading and Cluster Bombs (PvE)


Swords still after many nerfs have great DPS in PvE. And there are some great ones in the world loot pool. Also these are only weapons in Destiny 2 right now which have class specific guns.

Temptation’s Hook (Heavy)

Temptation’s Hook is one the few Caster swords in the game and is really fun to use. It does arc Damage.

Temptation’s Hook

Recommended Roll:

  • Tireless Blade and Vorpal (PvE)

Negative Space (Heavy)

Negative Space is a pretty standard solar Sword.

Negative Space

Recommended Rolls:

  • Relentless strike and Surrounded (PvE)

Quickfang (Heavy)(Hunter)

Quickfang is the Hunter Class exclusive sword and it does Void Damage.


Recommended Roll:

  • Relentless Strike and One for all

Eternity’s Edge (Heavy)(Warlock)

Eternity’s Edge is a Warlock exclusive sword which does solar damage. I honestly do not really like this sword.

Eternity’s Edge

Recommended Roll:

  • Thresh and Surrounded

Crown-Splitter (Heavy)(Titan)

Crown-Splitter is the Titan Exclusive sword and is really good in terms of DPS. If you play Titan, by all means, get this sword.


Recommended Roll:

  • Relentless Strike and Vorpal

Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine is a Void Vortex frame sword and is still, after many nerfs, one of the best DPS weapons in the game. I would recommend getting a good roll on it as it is damn good.

Falling Guillotine

Recommended Rolls:

  • Tireless Blade and Surrounded/Whirlwind blade
  • Relentless Strikes and Surrounded/Whirlwind blade

These are the preferable rolls on all the Banshee world pool weapons. I would recommend players giving their materials as it would go to waste with the release of Destiny 2: Witch Queen. Also with these many guns in Destiny 2 there is a lot of RNG Involved in getting these guns. Reddit User u/ABoredGuardian actually calculated the RNG of getting the guns which shows that older guns are harder to get.

Anyway I would recommend trying to get what ever rolls you can in this huge loot pool. Hopefully RNG is good for you, Guardian.