Destiny 2 Different Times God Roll: best PvP & PvE Perks

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The Different Times pulse rifle is the Taken version of the Outlast pulse rifle. This is probably the third best weapon in the Deep weapon set. It is a good range option with a good amount of perk options to choose from. Naturally, we’ve chosen the best ones that’ll help you in most PvP and PvE activities. But it ultimately boils down to the individual Guardian to make the choice themselves.

The Different Times is the second rapid-fire frame pulse rifle to have Headseeker. The Autumn Wind is the first. The biggest difference between the two is that Different Times is a Strand pulse while Autumn Wind is a Kinetic pulse.

How to Get Different Times in Destiny 2?

To get weapons from the Deep weapon set, like the Different Times, Guardians have to take part in the seasonal activities: Salvage and Deep Dives. Getting five red border weapons and Deepsight activating them will unlock the crafting pattern for the weapon. Activity Keys improve the chances of acquiring red borders from the rewards chest at the end of an activity.

Best Different Times PvP God Rolls

  • 1st Column: Arrowhead Brake
  • 2nd Column: Ricochet Rounds
  • Stability Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Heating Up + Headseeker (Heating Up is a trait that activates after a kill. Two kills get you the full benefit of the trait. With Heating Up active, you are able to challenge more distant targets.)
  • Outlaw + Headseeker (Another on-kill trait. But this is easier to keep track of and lets you get back into the action sooner if you manage to land a precision kill.)

Alternative Rolls

  • 1st Column: Fluted Barrel
  • 2nd Column: Ricochet Rounds
  • Range Master Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Heating Up + Headseeker (The biggest difference here is that you have some more range before needing to get a kill. The burst will lean toward the left since this roll doesn’t have Arrowhead Brake.)
  • Moving Target + Headseeker (This combination works well for players who like to corner peak a lot.)

PvP Tips:

There are two kinds of god rolls you might want to consider for the Different Times. The Arrowhead Brake roll ensures that you’ll have a near vertical Recoil Direction of 97. It sacrifices a bit of range but if you know anything about rapid-fire frame pulse rifles, then you know that they have a surprising amount of range.

The Flutter Barrel roll has more range to it but you’ll be suffering a little more in the stability department. Additionally, the shots will lean towards the left on account of its 67 Recoil Direction. The upside with this roll is that once Heating Up kicks in, you’ll be getting more vertical bursts. Moving Target is also great at allowing you to adjust your shots on the fly.

We’d usually recommend Collective Action for this weapon set but the thing is Headseeker is just too good not to have on a pulse rifle. Also, since you’re using a pulse rifle, getting up close and personal with ability usage isn’t in the cards most of the time. Unless that’s how you like to play.

Best Different Times PvE God Rolls

  • 1st Column: Fluted Barrel
  • 2nd Column: Light Mag
  • Reload Speed Masterwork
  • Backup Mag Mod
  • Outlaw + Golden Tricorn (A reliable combination that rewards players with precision kills. And in this current ad-rich version of Destiny 2, any weapon that makes quick work of ads is very much appreciated.)
  • Subsistence + Hatchling (This combination will find the most success with Strand subclass users, particularly those that revolve around Threadlings.)
  • Stats For All + Collective Action (Another Strand option that utilizes Tangles. This combination also works with the other subclasses. With the right build, you can fully incorporate this weapon’s Origin Trait.)

PvE Tips:

Nothing extraordinary when it comes to your PvE choices. All that matters is that you have a pulse rifle that reloads quickly and you should be good for most activities. This gun can’t do much against bosses. But that’s a job for a heavy-hitting energy weapon and/or rocket launcher. For everything else, there’s still your trusty pulse.

How Good is the Different Times Pulse Rifle?

The Different Times pulse rifle is a good general-use weapon for both PvP and PvE. Headseeker is probably going to be your PvP go-to perk, along with a handful of 3rd column perks. On the contrary, you have more options when it comes to PvE crowd control. You probably won’t be using this pulse rifle against bosses.

It also helps that this weapon is craftable after collecting enough red border copies. At least this way, you can remove some of the randomness that comes with focus farming weapons. The enhanced perks are the cherry on top, of course.

These are the Different Times Base Stats before any perks are applied:

  • Impact: 23
  • Range: 28
  • Stability: 39
  • Handling: 18
  • Reload Speed: 28
  • Zoom: 17
  • Rounds Per Minute: 540
  • Magazine: 34

Apart from Offhand Strike and Invisible Hand, you can make a case for the rest of the perks in the weapon’s perk pool. 3rd column traits usually result in stat bumps while 4th column perks either increase damage or spawn Threadlings. It’s too bad you can’t get double damage traits.

3rd Column Perks

  • Subsistence
  • Stats For All
  • Offhand Strike
  • Invisible Hand
  • Heating Up
  • Moving Target
  • Outlaw

4th Column Perks

  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Focused Fury
  • Collective Action
  • Multikill Clip
  • Golden Tricorn
  • Headseeker
  • Hatchling

And that’s everything we have right now for this Different Times god roll guide. Should we find a way to make use of Offhand Strike, we may update this article before Season of the Deep ends. In the meantime, feel free to experiment with this weapon’s different perk combinations. You may find one that fits your unique playstyle. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The season will run from May 23, 2023, to August 22, 2023.