Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Best Hunter Build

A Season 19 Hunter build that lets you deal a lot of damage up close.

Looking for the Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph best Hunter build? The Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph is finally upon us and it’s a great time than ever to explore new builds for each of the game’s classes. Despite not introducing anything like Arc 3.0 or Solar 3.0, Season 19 still has some fresh builds you can take advantage of to destroy your enemies.

Here is our take on the best Hunter build for Season 19 Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph:

Best Hunter Abilities for Season of the Seraph

  • Gambler’s Dodge: Dodge to perform a deft tumble, avoiding enemy attacks. Dodging near enemies fully recharges your Melee Ability.
  • Combination Blow: This melee ability will trigger health regeneration and increase your melee damage temporarily which stacks up to three times. Upon landing a killing blow with this ability, your class ability is refilled and a small amount of health is restored.
  • Arcbolt Grenade: This grenade will chain lightning bolts to any enemies nearby.
  • Gathering Storm: Gathering Storm has you throw your Arc Staff that embeds it to a surface or on large objects. This will jolt nearby enemies around the staff. After a short period, it will be struck by a lightning bolt that overcharges it with Arc energy. While it’s overcharged, the staff hurls lightning at nearby foes.

Using Gambler’s Dodge is important for this build as it allows your Hunter to recharge melee energy upon dodging close to enemies. This helps you use your Combination Blow over and over again which takes advantage of its stacked damage buff. The build usually revolves around these two so they’re non-optional.

Best Hunter Aspects for Season of the Seraph

  • Lethal Current: After dodging, hits with the Arc Staff causes creates a lightning aftershock that damages enemies. Jolted targets who are hit with the Arc Staff are also blinded.
  • Flow State: Taking out targets that are jolted will make you amplified. While amplified your reload speed is significantly increased and your dodge makes your more durable and recharges quickly.

Take advantage of Lethal Current to create a lightning aftershock with your Arc Staff that jolts targets. Having Flow State in conjunction will also make you amplified by taking out jolted targets. While amplified, Gambler’s Dodge will be more durable and recharge quicker which is important to this Season of the Seraph best Hunter build.

Best Hunter Fragments Season of the Seraph

  • Spark of Resistance: You are more resistant to damage when surrounded by combatants. Increases Strength by +10.
  • Spark of Discharge: Final Blows with Arc weapons give a chance to get Ionic Trace. Also lowers Strength by -10.
  • Spark of Shock: Targets who get hit by your Arc grenades also get jolted.
  • Spark of Ions: Jolted targets will give you Ionic Trace upon defeat.

The fragments for your Hunter class are really up to your preference. But we’d recommend taking Spark of Shock to further inflicted jolted on enemies which helps with Flow State. For defensive measures, Spark of Resistance is a good fragment to help you survive when you’re surrounded which is important for high level content.

For the new Season of the Seraph fragments, the Low Entropy Superconductor for your class mod is a good pick as it stuns unshielded opponents when using Arc melee attacks. You’ll be relying quite a bit on speed as well, so Mobile Retrofit leg mod would also be a good choice.

Best Hunter Weapons for Season of the Seraph

  • Thunderlord: Final Blows with this weapon create a lighting strikes from above. Very effective against Overlord Champions.
  • Coldheart: Shoots a cold fusion powered Arc laser that does more damage the longer it remains on the same target.

Best Hunter Armor for Season of the Seraph

  • St0mp-EE5: Increases sprint speed and slide distance. Improves high jump, triple jump, and storage jump. The tradeoff is that the airborne effectiveness of your weapons is decrease significantly.
  • Liar’s Handshake: You get the ability to use an incredibly powerful melee punch which also heals you after using your Arc melee ability or being hit by an incoming melee attack.


  • Low Entropy Superconductor: Unshielded combatants are stunned by Stasis and Arc melee abilities.
  • Mobile Retrofit: Gives you +5 Mobility.
  • Well of Striking: Arc elemental wells give additional melee energy. The effects of this mod increase upon being stacked.
  • Font of Might: Elemental wells that match your subclass energy type grants a temporary bonus to your weapon damage that has the same element.
Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Best Hunter Build

We used a lot of what we got from the Arc 3.0 update. Our Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph best Hunter build relies on a Hunter takes advantage of the Combination Blow stack to deal some high damage using melee attacks that can quickly wipe out foes. It’s a pretty risky gameplay loop that has you going near enemies which can prove to be challenging but rewarding in endgame content.

That’s our Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph best Hunter build. We hope this article was informative. For more on Destiny 2 content, you may be interested in checking out similar content:

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