Destiny 2: Top 15 Best Kinetic Weapons (July 2023)

We are well past the half-way point of Season 21, and now seems like a good time to look back at all the Destiny 2 Kinetic Weapons that have risen in popularity throughout the season. Some of these weapons have been talked about frequently within the community, while others remain sleeper hits that are well-known to many. This list will not include weapons that have an elemental affinity to them. Otherwise, this list would easily have been populated by SMGs and grenade launchers.

What is a Kinetic weapon in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, a “Kinetic” weapon is one that is not associated with any particular element, which means that it does not deal elemental damage. This makes them weak against shielded enemies, but they can deal more damage to unshielded enemies. Kinetic weapons are easily recognized by their “white” power level color in the menu.

Additionally, Kinetic weapons also go in the “Kinetic weapons” slot, which is the first weapon slot on your character. You can tell if a weapon goes in the Kinetic slot just by looking at the way its icon is oriented. Unlike Energy weapons, which face to the right, Kinetic weapons face to the left.

With all that said, below we’ll go over 15 of the best Destiny 2 kinetic weapons that are making waves in Season of the Deep: 

Quicksilver Storm

The Quicksilver Storm was a pre-order bonus that players got early if they decided to get Lightfall early. When Lightfall was released, this weapon’s Catalyst turned the weapon into a Strand monster. Luckily for us, we can still get access to the Kinetic version of the gun through the Collections tab. Better still, the kinetic version of Quicksilver Storm benefited from the kinetic weapons buff a while back. It only took a while to notice. Oh, did we mention that the grenades have been buffed too? We cannot possibly put the Quicksilver Storm any higher on this list considering that its full potential lies in it being a Strand weapon.

Spare Rations

Arguably one of the most disappointing reprived weapons in Season 21, the Spare Rations makes it on this list because players were genuinely looking forward to its return. Imagine their surprise when Spare Rations returned the same way it was at first release. The game of Destiny 2 is no longer the game it once was. Guess Spare Rations didn’t get the message. The gun is ok for the most part but this version of the iconic hand cannon caters to a niche playstyle that’s not common to 140 hand cannons. If you can make it work then, by all means, have at it.


The Buzzard is one of those weapons that gets better over time. It didn’t get an updated perk pool after one season like the Hung Jury. It’s just that good in PvP. With combinations like Perpetual Motion with Rangefinder, the Buzzard can prove to be a reliable secondary when the chips are down. Unfortunately, sidearms aren’t exactly useful in end-game content. Even if it comes with Kinetic Tremors.

Bad Juju

The Bad Juju has received a very significant change. Turns out, it was coded to fire in a pattern similar to that of auto rifles. This has resulted in the weapon being inconsistent for the longest time. But Bungie has finally addressed the issue and it now fires like other pulse rifles. With that being said, it is unlikely that Bad Juju will take over the meta anytime soon. But it does have its uses in both PvP and PvE if you focus your build with Bad Juju as its cornerstone. It’s a bit niche for our liking but we are certain that there are players who appreciate it and what it brings to the table.

Chattering Bone

Before season 21, encounters with Chattering Bone users in PvP are few and far between. But the few times you did face-off against them, it becomes a humbling experience. The reprived version of the Chattering Bone in Season 21 is pretty much the same thing. A combination of Keep Away and Headseeker on this Lightweight Frame can make quick work of any Guardian that is out of position. Additionally, you have a few options when it comes to PvE activities, most notably Kinetic Tremors.

Sweet Business

The Sweet Business has always been a “fun” gun. It walks a fine line between being too weak to be considered meta and being completely overpowered in PvP. And that hasn’t changed at the start of Season 21 when Bungie reworked the weapon so that it shoots the occasion explosive round. It barely moved the needle in most cases. But it didn’t stop Titans with Actium War Rig. They are just doing their thing in both PvP and PvE without a care in the world. We hope Bungie buffs it again in the near future.


For some reason, Crimson has gained a good amount of popularity in PvP, at least in the more casual playlist. Don’t be confused. This is not a hand cannon. Crimson is shorter range pulse rifle posing as a hand cannon. With this weapon catalyst, it is capable of reaching ranges that don’t seem possible with the amount of recoil the user experiences with each trigger pull. When it comes to PvE, the Crimson leans heavily on its Cruel Remedy trait to ensure its user survives the most unlikely of odds.

Randy’s Throwing Knife

Randy’s Throwing Knife has returned to Destiny 2 with a vengeance. This version of Randy’s simply came back with a sold perk pool, it is one of a handful of scout rifles that can rock Box Breathing. This perk alone is deadly on a rapid-fire scout like the Randy’s Throwing Knife and it has proven itself to be a go-to weapon for players who are lucky enough to get the god roll after playing numerous rounds in the Crucible.

For PvE, this weapon has Kinetic Tremors and Cascade Point in the 4th column.


The reprised Rose hand cannon was a very much sought after weapon when it first came out. So much so that players were willing to tolerate a punishing playlist like Competitive to get the best rolls possible before Season 20 ended and another weapon was selected for Season 21. (Unfortunately, the Mercurial Overreach did not garner the same level of likability Rose enjoyed.) In PvP, this hand cannon is the Apex Predator of lobbies in the right hands. Even mediocre rolls have a chance to shine on account of the overwhelming benefits brought on by its Lightweight Frame. In PvP, anything that rolls with Explosive Payload is considered to be a god roll.

Age-Old Bond

The Age-Old Bond returns and is now craftable after acquiring red border copies of the weapon from the Last Wish raid. This version of the weapon is interesting as it comes with the unique combination of Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds. As you can imagine, this can be really useful in all levels of PvE content. For PvP, there are sought-after combinations like Tap the Trigger with Target Lock. The only reason why this weapon isn’t higher on the list is that, like the Chattering Bone before it, can only be acquired by farming Raid encounters. And not everyone can easily do end-game content like that on a whim.

The Messenger (Adept)

Currently the Trials darling at the moment, the Messenger came back in Season 21 and it instantly had an impact on the weekly top weapons list on the week of its return. Let’s face it. There were a lot of players who really wanted this weapon to come back in a big way. And it would seem like Bungie has answered the call. It also helps that this version of the Messenger comes with an abundance of good PvP perks. It also has Kinetic Tremors which some argue is the only PvE perk to be considered a must-have.

Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades has made quite a resurgence in popularity. The recent reticle changes did help somewhat to keep track of Memento Mori rounds but the impact is minimal at best. (It’s still a good change, in our opinion.) More importantly, it was more likely the kinetic weapon changes that made the hand cannon decent in PvE. For that reason, some players have decided to take this little number out for a spin in PvP.

No Time to Explain

No Time to Explain isn’t what it used to be in PvP. In Season 21, holding on as the Top 6 most-used weapon in Trials of Osiris according to Trials Report. it’s certainly a far cry from when it completely dominated the leaderboards. Nevertheless, it’s still a monster in PvP and PvE thanks in equal parts to its Rewind Rounds and very long reach.


By itself, Malfeasance is a very good weapon in both PvP and PvE. Malfeasance with Lucky Pants and its Exotic Catalyst, and the weapon’s damage potential skyrockets to rival that of rocket launchers. And it’s all thanks to one simple change on the part of Bungie. Yup. They gave this humble hand cannon Vorpal Weapon and it has become the boss killer we always imagined it could be.

Osteo Striga

Technically, Osteo Striga is not a kinetic weapon, per se. It is actually one of a handful of weapons that can apply poison in the game. But until that subclass is made official in Destiny 2 lore, this weapon is considered a kinetic weapon. The Osteo Striga has always been a solid option since it was introduced in the Witch Queen expansion. It has gained a lot more infamy now with the addition of the Strand subclass, particularly Strand Warlocks.

And that’s all the best Destiny 2 Kinetic weapons that caught our interest this season. We hope that you found this list to be both intriguing and enlightening. And do keep in mind that this list was formed from our first hand experiences playing both PvP and PvE this season. There may be some entries that players will disagree with. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The season will run from May 23, 2023, to August 22, 2023.