How to Get Hellfire Scoria in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Hellfire Scoria cover

Hellfire Scoria is a refined material that is essential in leveling up the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal. Knowing how to get these efficiently is vital to powering up characters, as well as accessing tougher raids in the Helliquary.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Hellfire Scoria and how to obtain it.

How to Get Hellfire Scoria

Hellfire Scoria can be refined from Scoria with the help of any Blacksmith. Once the main Helliquary quest is completed, Blacksmiths will offer a new option to Refine Scoria. Refining Scoria to Hellfire Scoria is cheap at just 100 gold a piece.

Refining Scoria to Hellfire Scoria costs 100 gold per piece.

How to Get Scoria

Scoria is mainly obtained by defeating Helliquary demons in the Helliquary as part of the weekly rewards. The higher the difficulty of the Helliquary raid cleared, the more Scoria will be rewarded. The first few Scoria will be given as a reward as part of the Helliquary quest to power up your Helliquary for the first time.

Another source of Scoria is via the Battle Pass where it gives 1 Scoria per day upon completing the daily quest, and another 10 Scoria upon completing the weekly raid activity. There are also Scoria given as rewards from the Empowered Battle Pass which is the paid version of the battle pass.

Scoria as rewards for the Empowered Battle Pass.

Bonus Scoria from Warband Helliquary Raid

Bonus Scoria can be acquired if a Helliquary Raid is cleared with a Warband, which amounts to double the amount of Scoria obtained from a non-Warband raid. Consider creating or joining a Warband first before doing any raids to maximize your weekly Scoria gain.

Bonus Scoria rewards for completing a Warband Raid.

How to Use Hellfire Scoria in Diablo Immortal

Hellfire Scoria is mainly used to upgrade your Helliquary. Each upgrade provides a flat Combat Rating increase. The higher the level of the Helliquary, the more Combat Rating you’ll get, but the amount of Hellfire Scoria needed will also increase steadily. This is one great way to ensure that your character will have a steady growth in power, given that the Helliquary raids is available weekly.

Also, upgrading the Helliquary will unlock the higher demon raids, which in turn provides more Scoria clear rewards. Higher Helliquary levels will also unlock new slots where bosses’ special items can be slotted in to get their specific bonus attributes.

Leveling up the Helliquary requires Hellfire Scoria.

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