Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Event Guide

A guide on how to complete the Kulle's Hidden Chamber Zone Event in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Kulles Hidden Chamber cover

Kulle’s Hidden Chamber is one of the Zone Events that players can do in Diablo Immortal. In this Zone Event, players are tasked to find lost pages to complete a Portal Tome that will open portals to either treasures or monstrosities.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to do the Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Event and what rewards can be gained from it.

How to unlock the Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Event

To be able to access the Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Event, you will have to reach and play on at least Hell I difficulty. This can be done by completing the entire solo campaign quest and reaching level 60 with your character. Once that is met, head to the Library of Zoltun Kulle to start collecting lost pages.

How to complete the Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Event

To complete this event, you must look for five (5) lost pages that are scattered across the different sections of the library to create a Portal Tome. The tome will create a portal that will lead to either a Treasure Chamber where you can get your rewards, or you will have to face either a Hydra or a Sandstone Golem which you will have to defeat.

Find Lost Pages

Lost Pages can be found in different parts of the entire library. They appear as scattered pages on the floor with a golden aura. Once these pages are picked up, they will respawn after a few minutes. Also, anyone in the area can pick this up, making it hard to gather these pages when there’s a lot of players around that are looking for them as well.

In case you are in a party, you can pick up a page and all other party members that are in close range will also receive a page.

Lost Pages.

Craft the Portal Tome

Once you have gathered 5 lost pages, open the quest counter and you’ll be able to craft a Portal Tome. Using the Portal Tome will open a portal that can lead to a Treasure Chamber or it can summon the Hydra or the Sandstone Golem.

If it leads to a Treasure Chamber, you will have to clear any mobs that spawn inside before you can obtain the treasures.

If it summons the Hydra or the Sandstone Golem, they will have to be defeated so that they drop the rewards.

Getting the Hydra or Sandstone Golem is considered as the worst outcome since they’re considerably harder to defeat and it takes longer to complete.

Craft a Portal Tome when you have collected five lost pages.

Diablo Imm.ortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Event Rewards

Regardless of which outcome you’ll encounter, you will still receive random gear and Enchanted Dust that is an upgrade material used to power up your equipment.

Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Event Tips

  • This event is repeatable and can be farmed and has no time limit nor schedule. If you do find that there’s a lot of players looking for pages and it’s affecting your farming route, consider switching to a different difficulty.
  • You and your party can enter the portal at the same time, but only if they also have at least 5 portal pages with them. otherwise, they won’t be able to enter the portal.
  • You can hold a maximum of 5 Portal Tomes at a time.
Library of Zoltun Kulle.

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