Digimon Survive Endings and How to Get the True Ending

A guide on all the possible endings in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive Endings

Digimon Survive is a story-driven game where the players’ decisions, responses, and actions can greatly impact the narrative and the ending of the story. The game follows a 3-way Karma system which depends on the players’ alignment as shown by their choices, and it dictates how the story ends.

In this guide, we will be talking about the different endings of Digimon Survive, and how to reach them.

How many endings does Digimon Survive have?

Digimon Survive has three main endings, one for each of the alignments (Moral, Wrathful, Harmony), and a True Ending that is tied to the Moral path. There is another ending, which is the abrupt Bad Ending which technically makes it five endings in total.

Chapter 8 story split. All karmic options may or may not show up depending on their points

How to reach the different endings in Digimon Survive

All of the endings (except for the abrupt bad ending) are heavily based on the amount of Karma points that Takuma accrues which are based on your choices throughout a single playthrough.

For the main three endings, the story splits off at Chapter 8 where Takuma and Miyuki gets transported back into the human world. During this scene, you’ll be given a choice to save the game before you are given additional Karma-related choices. These choices are the Karma alignments that you have the most points on, and the last one is the “Never go back” option. Not all Karmic options may appear in this scene.

Choosing either one of the Karma-related options will send you down the story line that has a specific ending based on the alignment of the response that you’ve chosen.

As for the True Ending, it is based on both the Karma alignment and the surviving characters on the final chapter, plus it can only be reached on a New Game+ save file or a succeeding playthrough.

SPOILER WARNING: The details moving forward will spoil the events that happen in every ending of the game.
Moral Ending

Digimon Survive Moral Ending

This ending can be obtained by selecting the “Be true to my friends” option in the portal scene in Chapter 8. In this ending, the remaining characters will have to fight The Master in its egg form. Once it has been defeated, The Master will revert back into its cleansed form.

The Master will then reveal that the reason behind its child sacrifices was to keep the parallel world from collapsing and to protect the Digimon that reside within it. But, the kids later suggested that the sheer acknowledgement and belief of the people from the Human World will keep the Digital World from collapsing.

The kids then decide to head back to the Human world to spread the word of the Digital World, but their Digimon partners decide to stay in the mean time as they deem that the Human World may not be ready for them yet.

Harmony Ending

Digimon Survive Harmony Ending

This ending can be obtained by selecting the “Save the world” option in the portal scene in Chapter 8. In this ending, Miu will inevitably die which will cause Kaito to form a pact with Piedmon to create Boltboutamon. The remaining characters will then have to fight The Master after it consumes Boltboutamon. Once it has been defeated, Boltboutamon will reappear in its weakened state.

The kids will then notice that the portal that connects both worlds is expanding and starting to solidify, posing another threat that both world will merge once again. The kids then acknowledge the fate of both worlds and decide to go back to the Human World, bringing along their partners.

As expected, the transition of the co-habitation of both humans and the Kemonogami was rough and caused discord between the two factions. However, the kids eventually helped establish the Japanese Institute of Electronic Symbiotes to help struggling kids who have gained a partner of their own. In this ending, we’re still only referred to as Kemonogami or Electronic Symbiotes, and not Digimon.

Wrathful Ending

Digimon Survive Wrathful Ending

This ending can be obtained by selecting the “Stay with Agumon” option in the portal scene in Chapter 8. In this ending, Saki will die and Aoi fuses with Labramon in their dying breaths to create Plutomon. The Master then fuses Plutomon to itself to become stronger. Once it has been defeated, Aoi’s soul reappears once more.

The kids will then notice that the portal connecting the two worlds is getting bigger and cannot be closed anymore. This will lead to the two worlds fusing together again. The kids then acknowledge the fate of both worlds and decide to go back with to the Human world and bring along their partners with them.

The merging of the two worlds has caused chaos and destruction. Some kids managed to form a bond with the Kemonogami and thus are being shunned by other humans. Takuma and Kaito decide to take matters into their own hands and seek out these kids in order to help them join their cause in keeping the peace in the new world.

True Ending

How to reach Digimon Survive True Ending

This ending can only be achieved by playing through a New Game+ save file. Another requirement to get this ending is by making sure that everyone survives until the end; this means both Ryo and Shuuji must survive.

There will be a better opportunity to raise the affinity towards Ryo as affinity points gained from conversations will get a small boost in NG+. As for Shuuji, as long as Ryo survives, then he will survive, too. Going for the moral route will also ensure that all of the kids will survive.

The gang will meet Haruchika who is a human who has bonded to Fanglongmon. Due to Haruchika being engulfed in malice, Fanglongmon has gone into its Ruin Mode. Later on, Miyuki gets possessed by her ancestor, Yukiha, who is Haruchika’s sister. This weakens Fanglongmon and once defeated, it will revert to its calm nature and release Haruchika. After their reunion, the kids returned to the human world along with the Professor, Miyuki, Haru, and their partners.

An epilogue follows as Takuma narrates that although the encounter between the Digimon and humans were rough at first, they started to get along with each other. The next scene shows three kids near the shrine as they hope to see a monster, after which they meet DemiVeemon.

Digimon Survive Bad End

This ending is an abrupt one as it ends on Chapter 8 if the option to never go back into the Digital World has been chosen. The scene then proceeds to show Takuma some time later, back in their home as his mother reminds him about anything he might have forgotten. They’re preparing to leave their home as part of emergency relocation efforts as the world is in chaos due to the strange phenomena has been plaguing it ever since that fateful day.

The screen will then transition showing a Game Over, and will then revert to the main screen.

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