Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals – How to Feed & Recruit Critters

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals - How to Feed & Recruit Critters

There are a variety of adorable Disney Dreamlight Valley animals you’ll meet during your playthrough, some of which may leave you wondering whether you can approach them or not. Critters roaming around your valley are interactable, but finding and feeding all of them can be challenging at some point. Luckily, every animal has a specific method of approach and favorite food.

As such, here’s a rundown on all the important details about the animals you’ll encounter in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as tips on how to feed them and even recruit them as companions.

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Keep in mind that some critters are more cautious than others and may flee or hide if you go too close. As a result, you may have to chase after some of them more than usual in order to feed them.

As soon as the Approach button appears on the screen, it means that it’s calm enough for you to try feeding it. Simply select A for Xbox and Switch, X for PlayStation, and E/Left Click for PC, and a menu will appear for you to choose what to feed them.

Animals will become friendly with you and join your collection after being fed their favorite food several times. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to feed an animal of the same variant once per 24 hours. This means that after feeding a white rabbit, for instance, you will have to wait a whole day before you can feed it again.

Pink Friendship stars will appear on the Animal’s head if they like the food you’ve given it, and could even reward you by dropping a present.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals and Favorite Food

As of now, there are only 8 Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals you can find and feed. However, each critter will have different variants, and the species to which it belongs to will have the same favorite food.

Find out what each animal’s favorite food, where you can find them, and how to approach it below.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals and Favorite Food


  • Favorite Food: Peanuts
  • Variants: Tan (Classic), Black, Gray, Red, and White
  • Where to Find: Plaza

One of the first critters you’ll probably see is a squirrel. If you want to feed them, you just need to go up to them. Those that are hungry will even approach you and won’t flee.


  • Favorite Food: Carrots
  • Variants: Tan (Classic), Black, Brown, Calico, and White
  • Where to Find: Peaceful Meadow

Rabbits will jump up and down as they sprint away from you. If you follow them, you’ll see that they immediately flee and repeat the pattern. If you follow them around long enough, on the fourth stop they’ll let you feed them.


  • Favorite Food: Blueberries
  • Variants: Gray (Classic), Black, Blue, Red, and White
  • Where to Find: Forest of Valor

Raccoons are agile and difficult to follow. Stealthily approach only when they appear at ease. They will run away from you once they raise their head and stare at you suspiciously. In time, you’ll come near enough to trigger the prompt to feed them.

Sea Turtles

  • Favorite Food: Seaweed
  • Variants: Green & Brown (Classic), Black, Brown, Purple, and White
  • Where to Find: Dazzle Beach

Finding and feeding sea turtles is a breeze. The only time you can get close to one of these creatures is if they are starving, at which point they will retreat within their shell. They will come back out in a moment and let you feed them if you just wait.


  • Favorite Food: Bromeliad
  • Variants: Emerald, Golden, Orchid, Red, and Turquoise
  • Where to Find: Sunlit Plateau

It takes some quick footwork to keep up with the sunbirds as they dart around, but otherwise, no particular precautions are needed to get close to them.


  • Favorite Food: White Sturgeon
  • Variants: Brown (Classic), Black, Blue, Red, and White
  • Where to Find: Frosted Heights

Foxes are friendly animals that will approach you. If you follow them about for long enough, they’ll stop wherever you are and let you feed them.


  • Favorite Food: Lobster
  • Variants: Green (Classic), Blue, Golden, Pink, Red, and White
  • Where to Find: Glade of Trust

In spite of how frequently they move, crocodiles will often slow their pace to observe you from a safe distance. This is your chance to get in closer; when they stop moving and start looking about warily, do so. Approach them carefully while their heads are down and halt when they raise them to glance around again. They will inevitably flop to the ground in hope of being fed.


  • Favorite Food: Unknown
  • Variants: Black (Classic), Blue, Brown, Red, and White
  • Where to Find: Forgotten Lands
We haven't been able to find any Ravens yet, but as soon as we do we'll be sure to update this page.
All Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals and Favorite Food 1

Most Animal variations are constantly in and out of cycle, meaning that you may not always be able to find them. In order to know when they finally show up, you should check your Critters Collection page regularly.

How to Recruit Animals as Companions

Each Critter Variation only needs to be fed twice of any food (even though it’s note their favorite food) to be recruited as a companion. For instance, feed a black Squirrel twice and it will show up in your collection.

How to Switch Companions

Now, if you want to set or change your companion, you can do so from the wardrobe page by clicking on the companion box icon. From here, pick the one you like best, and it will stick with you for as long as you want it to. Keep in mind that while inside or visiting a Realm, players cannot currently change their companions.

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