Dying Light 2 All Weapons – How to Modify Weapons and Crafting

Know the deadliest weapons in the game.

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Dying Light 2 features multiple different weapons that all cater to unique playstyles. Whether you’re the brawler who likes to get up close and personal to your enemies or the ranger who prefers the way of the bow, this game allows you to shape what fighter you want to be.

Here are all Dying Light 2 weapons, how to modify them, and crafting equipment.

Dying Light 2 All Weapons

All Weapons in Dying Light 2

From my time in Dying Light 2, there are really two main types of weapons. You have your melee weapons which can be modified and then you have your ranged weapons, bows which can’t be modified but have diverse arrows.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons come in either one handed or two handed. One handed melee weapons swing faster, consume less stamina, and are generally easy to use. Two handed melee weapons are great for clearing out crowds and can deal pretty heavy damage.

Ranged Weapons

Bows are ranged, deadly, and silent. They’re perfect for rangers who prefer to fight at a distance. We have an in-depth guide on Dying Light 2’s bows and where to get the best ones if you’re interested. You’ll have to carefully manage your arrows as they’ll be spend after use but you can craft new ones on the fly.

How to Modify Weapons - Dying Light 2 All Weapons

How to Modify Weapons in Dying Light 2

In order to modify your weapons go to your inventory. From there you’ll have to cycle through the weapon you want to modify. Keep in mind that you can only modify weapons with available sockets. There are different types of sockets in total you can modify.

  • Tip Socket – adds special offensive effects such as shock, blast, and others.
  • Shaft Socket – adds an additional offensive special effect such as shock, blast, and others.
  • Grip Socket – adds durability to your weapon and prevents it from breaking too soon.
  • Charm Socket – doesn’t really do anything except for add looks to your weapons.

You must have mods collected in your inventory in order to modify your weapon. Adding a mod to your weapon doesn’t actually spend the mod so you can use the same mod multiple times for different weapons. You’re going to have to pay the cost in materials to be able to mod your weapons.

Some mods can do something really special. There are mods that allow you to use your melee weapon like a flamethrower by hitting a certain button while charging your attack.

Keep in mind since your melee weapons break in Dying Light 2, you’re going to need to keep looking for weapons with modification slots. Common weapons don’t really have slots to use but above those there’ll be at least two modification slots for your melee.

Bows cannot be modded and rely on arrows. They are also ranged weapons that cannot break but have limited ammunition you frequently need to craft. Learn more about Dying Light 2 bows in our separate guide.

How to Upgrade Mods in Dying Light 2

To upgrade Mods, simply go to the craftsmaster in any settlement and they’ll give you the option to upgrade your mods. They’ll cost you resources from what you’ve scavenged around. The better the mod, the more it’ll cost to upgrade it.

Once you’ve acquired a mod, it is yours for good. You don’t need to keep looking for the same mods around The City. However you do have to upgrade these mods to get the full effect.

Since upgrades cost Old World Money, you might be interested in our guide to earning Old World Money fast in Dying Light 2.

How to Craft - Dying Light 2 All Weapons

How to Craft in Dying Light 2

You can craft certain items and throwables by scavenging around for parts in The City. In order to learn new crafting materials, you first need to purchase them from any vendor you can find in settlements.

Check your inventory and look at the material descriptions when looking for the specific materials to craft an item or throwable. The description will tell you where they are most likely found in The City. Scraps can be found just about anywhere but rags are most likely in closets and blades can be found in kitchen areas.

Some of the things you can craft will be instrumental to your time in Dying Light 2. From health items to Molotov cocktails to decoys the crafting mechanic is your best weapon in the whole game.

How to Upgrade Items and Throwables - Dying Light 2 All Weapons

How to Upgrade Items and Throwables in Dying Light 2

You can upgrade your items and throwables by visiting the vendor in any settlement. They’ll offer you upgrades that make your health kits better, throwing knives sharper, and bombs more deadly in return for resources you scavenge around The City.

Can You Repair Weapons in Dying Light 2?

Yes you can repair your weapons in Dying Light 2. We explain more about weapon repair in depth here.

You’ll have to progress through the game before you can find the means to repair your melee weapons. So be ready to put in some time first. Once you’ve reached A Place to Call Home, you can purchase the mods to restore weapon durability in Dying Light 2.

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