Dying Light 2 How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast

Capitalism never dies...

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Capitalism never dies even in the zombie apocalypse. You’re going to need to some deep pockets in order to purchase the strongest equipment in Dying Light 2. Here is how you earn gold (old world money) fast in Dying Light 2.

How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast in Dying Light 2

You’ll have to scavenge The City for valuable to sell to be able to earn gold fast. From my experience, simply doing the story line questing wasn’t enough to put food on the table. So if you want to earn gold (old world money) fast, you’re going to have to put yourself out there.

Certain side quests reward you with a pretty decent amount of old world money but it pales in comparison to how much you can get by simply exploring and scavenging the City. Here’s what you can do to earn gold fast in Dying Light 2:

Loot Every Defeated Enemy - How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast - Dying Light 2

Loot Every Defeated Enemy

Regular zombie corpses usually don’t hold any valuables so it’s a waste of time to loot them. Unless you’re looting uncommon zombies for their trophies to upgrade or craft equipment. The bandits and other human enemies though have valuables that make it worth setting aside a minute to check their dead corpses.

You can then take the valuables you’ve looted and then sell them to any vendors. You’ll be presented with the option to sell all valuables automatically so you don’t need to sort them out. I managed to earn a lot of old world money this way.

Sell Unneeded Weapons and Equipment - How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast - Dying Light 2
Sell all your valuables to Vendors for some big payoffs

Sell Unneeded Weapons and Equipment

You’ll eventually pick up a lot of weapons during your time in Dying Light 2. Weapons may be breakable but that’s no reason to keep them around in case you’re out. Sell any excess weapons you no longer need to get money fast.

Same goes for any equipment you don’t need. There are different types of equipment that compliment certain playstyles such as Tank, Brawler, Ranger, and Medic. If you’re looking to play a certain way, then you might want to part with the clothing you don’t need.

During your time in The City, you’ll pick up a bunch of clothing and weapons that aren’t suited to your playstyle. Instead of putting them in Aiden’s stash, consider selling them.

Explore Dark Zones - How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast - Dying Light 2
Come back at night

Explore Dark Zones

Plenty of Dark Zones scattered across the map. Most though are densely populated with infected throughout the day, so you’ll have to wait it out until night time. Dark zones or loot sources usually have powerful zombies guarding it during the day time.

These sources often offer a lot of old world money, valuables, and great equipment. You can sell valuables in order to rake in a lot of gold.

Collect Crystal Cores - How to Earn Gold (Old World Money) Fast - Dying Light 2

Collect Crystal Cores

Crystal cores can be found inside dark zones. Dark zones are these buildings that are usually better explored at night time due to high infected activity during the day. You can find them by breaking open these pods they’re contained in. They sell for a pretty hefty price so be on the lookout.

Check Out Military Convoys

Military convoys are infested with infected but they do have great valuables, weapons, and items that sell for a good price. It can make clearing out one worthwhile.

And that is about all we know in regards to gaining Old World Money fast. And you’re going to need a lot of it since Old World Money can get you some of the best equipment from vendors, upgrades from Craftmasters, and purchase more crafting materials.

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