Fate Grand Order New Year 2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign Guide

The New Year Arrives and These Servants Are To Summon For


Fate Grand Order is a free-to-play mobile app game that features some of the popular characters from the Fate series. Every New Year and Anniversary, there is a special summon campaign that is only eligible to those who have bought Saint Quartz online. That special summon campaign is called the Lucky Bag Summon Campaign and in this guide, players will get to know more about what is installed for the upcoming New Year’s Banner and how to be part of this event, so read on.

What is the FGO 2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign?

The Lucky Bag Summon Campaign is a summon event that guarantees players at least one 5-star servant in their pool of choice. To participate in this event, players must purchase Saint Quartz which can be bought in the game through the SHOP menu.

What is The FGO 2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign - Fate Grand Order

In this year’s lucky bag summon campaign, there are 9 pools to choose from and players can only roll in a single pool. To summon in one of these pools, players must have at least 15 paid saint quartz in their inventory and they will be able to receive what servant class they want to get for this coming event coming January 1, 2023.

All 9 Pools of The FGO 2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign

As stated above, there are 9 pools that players can choose from. Below are the full list of pools and what servants players can target in that summon campaign:

  • RED (Three Knights) I
    • Ibuki Douji (Saber)
    • Okita Souji (Saber)
    • Ryougi Shiki (Saber)
    • Artoria Pendragon (Archer)
    • Ishtar (Archer)
    • Ereshkigal (Lancer)
    • Brynhildr (Lancer)
  • RED (Three Knights) II
    • Nero Bride (Saber)
    • Beni-Enma (Saber)
    • Musashi Miyamoto (Saber)
    • Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)
    • Sei Shonagon (Archer)
    • Scathach (Lancer)
    • Tamamo no Mae (Lancer)
  • Red (Four Calvary) I
    • Leonardo Da Vinci (Rider)
    • Artoria Pendragon (Caster)
    • Illyasviel Von Einzbern (Caster)
    • Murasaki Shikibu (Caster)
    • Kama (Assassin)
    • Semiramis (Assassin)
    • Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin)
    • Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)
  • Red (Four Calvary) II
    • Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter)
    • Sima Yi (Reines)
    • Scathach-Skadi (Caster)
    • Nero Claudius (Caster)
    • Leonardo Da Vinci (Caster)
    • Cleopatra (Assassin)
    • Shuten Doji (Assassin)
    • Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker)
    • Minamoto no Raiko (Berserker)
  • Red (Extra) I
    • Himiko (Ruler)
    • Space Ishtar (Avenger)
    • King Protea (AlterEgo)
    • Meltlilith (AlterEgo)
    • BB Summer (Moon Cancer)
    • Abigail Williams (Foreigner)
    • Abigail Williams Summer (Foreigner)
    • Yang Guifei (Foreigner)
  • Red (Extra) II
    • Artoria Pendragon (Ruler)
    • Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Avenger)
    • Nobunaga Oda (Avenger)
    • Okita Alter (AlterEgo)
    • Sesshoin Kiara (AlterEgo)
    • Sesshoin Kiara (Moon Cancer)
    • Van Gogh (Foreigner)
    • Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner)
  • White (Three Knights)
    • Arthur Pendragon Prototype (Saber)
    • Astolfo (Saber)
    • Sigurd (Saber)
    • Gilgamesh (Archer)
    • James Moriarty (Archer)
    • Super Orion (Archer)
    • Romulus-Quirinus (Lancer)
  • White (Four Calvary)
    • Ivan The Terrible (Rider)
    • Iskandar (Rider)
    • Merlin (Caster)
    • King Hassan (Assassin)
    • Arjuna Alter (Berserker)
    • Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)
    • Hijikata Toshizo (Berserker)
  • White (Extra)
    • Amakusa Shiro (Ruler)
    • Shi Huang Di (Ruler)
    • Sherlock Holmes (Ruler)
    • Edmond Dantes (Avenger)
    • Ashiya Doman (AlterEgo)
    • Voyager (Foreigner)

How to Buy Paid Saint Squartz for FGO 2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign

For those who are new to the game, to get Saint Quartz is very easy as long as players can complete daily missions and be active in taking of quests. But for the Lucky Bag Summon Campaign, it is stated they are required to buy paid saints quartz to participate.

Below is the steps in order to buy Saint Quartz in Fate Grand Order.

  1. Open the Fate Grand Order App and Login
  2. Open the Menu Selection and enter the SHOP option
  3. Scroll down and select the Buy Saint Quartz.
  4. Choose what set of Saint Quartz you wish to purchase using any debit or credit card you have.
How To Buy Paid Saint Squartz for FGO 2023  2023 Lucky Bag Summon Campaign -  Fate Grand Order

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