Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Event Servants & Details Revealed

Have spooky event this year for FGO fans in Japan

fate grand order halloween event 2023

It’s a spooky event again happening again in Fate Grand Order as a recent live stream revealed new details of this year’s Halloween event. This news article will introduce Fate Grand Order JP Halloween event including details and new servants coming out.

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Event Details

This year’s Fate Grand Order Halloween event for the JP server is entitled, “Halloween Rebellion of 108~Little Dragon Lady’s Water Margin.” The theme of this event is celebrating Halloween in China and it will begin from Oct 12, 2022, to November 02, 2022.

This event will challenge players to use all of their experience in farming resources using event-themed Craft essences and Servants Eligible for the event. To participate in this event, players must clear Cosmos in The Lostbelt Story Chapter 5.2 Olympus.

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 New Servants

According to the live stream event, there are 3 new servants joining in this event. Out of the 3, one of them is a welfare servant that will be part of the player’s party temporarily until the end of the event. To permanently have it part of your party, players must complete all the missions required and once they do, the welfare servant is there for the taking. The servants that have been announced for the event are the following:

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Servants - Nine Striped Dragon Eli

Nine Striped Dragon Eli

  • Servant Class: Pretender
  • Rarity: 4
  • Bio: Meet the welfare servant of the Halloween Event 2023. A new Elizabeth has appeared and she is here to summon all of her variants as her aid to clear this spooky event. Her Noble Phantasm is called “The Nine Great Azure Dragon Maidens – Meteoric Sky!.” This attack is an AOE Buster attack that not only deals damage to all enemies but also reduces the defense stats it targets by 10%
Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Servants - Huang FeiHu

Huang FeiHu

  • Servant Class: Rider
  • Rarity: 4
  • Bio: He is known as the Prince Wucheng of the Shang Dynasty who sacrificed his life in fighting the tyranny of the King Zhou of Shang who killed all his loved ones. This Heroic servant is very strong and intimidating especially when using his Noble Phantasm known as the Huang Feihu’s Rebellion – Heaven-Changing Treasured Sword of Mo Ye that targets a single enemy using a Buster card.
Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Servants - Huyan Zhuo

Huyan Zhuo

  • Servant Class: Rider
  • Rarity: 4
  • Bio: She is a Chinese hero who has fought invaders using her dual weapons and is a brave and smart warrior in the Song imperial army. Because of her bravery and skill in fending off invaders, she was given the title, “Double Clubs.” Her Noble Phantasm is known as Chain-Linked Horses Raging Storm Formation which is a Quick Type AOE that deals damage to all enemies in an instant especially those who have Evil Alignment with them and can cause a 40% chance of stun.

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Craft Essences

There are 3 Craft Essences that can be obtained through the summon campaign and these CEs can help in farming resources that can be used to exchange for materials needed for one’s party. The Craft Essences that will make their debut in this year’s Halloween event are the following:

  1. Spare the Idle Talk
    • ATK: 250/1000 HP: 400/1600
    • NP Regen +4% NP Dmg +15% and Crit Dmg +15%
    • Rarity: 5 stars
  2. Lake Shore Heavenly Nymphs
    • ATK: 200/750 HP: 320/1200
    • Stars Regen +3 and NP Overcharge +100% (1 time)
    • Rarity: 4 stars
  3. Hoeing with Sword
    • ATK: 0/0 HP: 300/1500
    • HP Regen +50 and NP Gen +5%
    • Rarity: 4 stars

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Summon Campaign

Fate Grand Order JP Halloween 2023 Summon campaign

To get all these servants and craft essences, players can participate in the summon campaign that will be active from October 12, 2022, to November 2, 2022. The following rates up have been announced for these servants as well as for the craft essences.


  • SSR Huyan Zhuo (Assassin)
  • SR Huang FeiHu (Rider)

Craft Essences:

  • Spare the Idle Talk (5 stars)
  • Lake Shore Heavenly Nymphs (4 stars)
  • Hoeing with Sword (3 stars)

With all this info given about this year’s Halloween Event, fans will be delighted in experiencing a different spooky event in Fate Grand Order. For more details about the event, players can visit their main website.

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