Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest Guide

How do you unlock the Story Quest on where to find Albedo in Dragonspine region?

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest Guide

Albedo is one of the few 5 Star playable characters that Genshin Impact players can get in the upcoming banner. He is the star in his Story Quest, the Princeps Cretaceus Chapter, so you might encounter this soon when the upcoming banner is up. You can also learn more about him and what he is currently researching in the Dragonspine region.

Here is how you can unlock the Princeps Cretaceus Chapter, how to solve its puzzles, and the quest rewards you can get.

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest – How to Unlock and Location

In order to unlock the Albedo Story Quest, players will only need to update the game client to the latest one. During the first time this quest got introduced, it needed update version 1.2. There is no other requirement for this as it unlocks rights away. Just check the Quest menu under Story Quests and look for Traveler Observation Report subtitled Princeps Cretaceus Chapter Act I. The first mission will be The Rumored Alchemist.

The Rumored Alchemist

The first mission you can see on the Story Quests screen is The Rumored Alchemist.

genshin impact albedo story quest

It will ask you to go to the Timaeus’ alchemy story in Mondstadt in order to stock up on adventuring supplies, but you meet someone unexpected there. You will meet with Sucrose, Albedo’s assistant who seems to be troubled with his master’s disappearance.

Sucrose asks for your help and you will see a marker that will lead to the entrance of Dragonspine. Head there for the next mission.

By just completing this mission, you will be rewarded by the following:

  • Adventure EXP 275
  • Mora 17,050
  • Adventure’s Experience 8 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 4 pcs

The Genius Researcher and the Seed of Another World

After arriving at the entrance of Dragonspine, your character searches the area only to encounter the odd-looking nun Rosaria. She offers assistance in your search and claims she knows where to find your target, Albedo.

Before entering the Dragonspine region, you should be aware that there is the Sheer Cold effect. If you reach the limit, you will lose health points, fast.

In order to stave off the cold, find bonfires, the Statue of The Seven, Scarlet Quartz (little effect), Fire Seelies, and other sources of heat. Getting burned also works, but that would just hurt your HP.

First, use your Elemental Sight to follow the tracks of Albedo on the snow. Along the way, several enemies will be blocking your path. Just beat them up and move along until you find Albedo at the end of it all.

At the end of the path will be the last batch of enemies, 3 Hilichurls, which you need to defeat. Afterwards, just speak with Albedo to complete the mission.

You will be rewarded with the following:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The First Experiment: Elements

The First Experiment is the next mission you will be tackling together with the mysterious alchemist. Your marker will lead you to a path to the test site and there you will have to fight Cryo Slimes. Defeat them and move on to the path.

Continue to follow the path to find and mine three Starsilver Catalysts. Just follow the marker afterwards to find Albedo’s campsite.

You will find a shiny potion bottle on the desk. Take it from the table and drink it from your inventory. Talk to Albedo afterwards to complete the task.

You will be rewarded with the following:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Second Experiment: The World

After completing the first experiment, Albedo will check the Traveler’s elemental flow. The results suggest that both of your internal and external elemental flows are normal and are smoothly running. He compliments that this is something to celebrate.

When you get to control your character, you need to observe the following: Record Board, Table, and Shelf. Afterwards, you need to talk to Albedo.

Afterwards, you will be asked to cook up the Sunshine Sprat. Use the campfire nearby to make it and then give it to Albedo when completed.

You will then be asked to find an Anemo Mark. Use the Elemental Sight to do that. Next find an Electro Mark with the Elemental Sight. Lastly, Talk with Albedo.

Completing this mission will reward you with the following:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Third Experiment: Life

With the completing of the elemental flow test, Albedo will ask you to display any special, otherworldly abilities that you have, but nothing happens afterwards. He is still curious of you though and his interest has not lessened even a bit.

You will be climbing up the mountain to locate the marker on it. Here, you will meet up with Albedo yet again. You will then have to glide down and make it to the objective within 70 seconds. Make sure to stock up with heating items or else you will freeze yourself.

When you reach the marker, you will be greeted by Albedo on the site. Talk to him to complete the mission.

After completing this mission, you will be compensated with the following rewards:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Final Experiment: Withering Glory

Albedo gets a lot of data from the experiments and thus his alchemy is slowly taking shape. On the Albedo Story Quest, he then tasks you for the last mission, a simple test of intelligence.

First you have to follow the marker that will lead you to the ruins. When you get there, you will have to solve 2 Seelie puzzles in order to unlock the middle mechanism. These are quite interesting puzzles, so here is how you solve them.

South Puzzle

The first puzzle is to find the Seelies and their nests. To the south of the mechanism are the Nests. Now to find the Seelies. Look for them with the Elemental Sight. The first one is on a nearby cliff while the other is on a ruin pillar in the water. Guide them to complete the puzzle.

North Puzzle

The second puzzle is by activating the monuments with the Seelie, which can be found on the north of the middle mechanism. There will be two Seelies that will be flying in a circle and the monuments get lit when the pass by them.

You must get the timing right in order for the two Seelies to light up all monuments. A monument deactivates after a few seconds so you must make it so that before it deactivates, the second Seelie will reactivate it again. Do this until all monuments lit up to complete the task.

After completing the puzzle, the mechanism will be unlocked and you can now activate it. Follow the marker that pops up afterwards.

Investigate the drained area that just got unlocked and head back to Albedo’s campsite to talk to him.

Completing this will reward you with the following items:

  • Adventure EXP 475
  • Primogem 60 pcs
  • Mora 27,825
  • Guide to Ballad 5 pcs
  • Hero’s Wit 3 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 6 pcs

During Genshin Impact version 1.2, completing the Albedo Story Quest will unlock the event quest The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. It seems this will not be available for the time being, but it could be possible it will be returning at another time.

This quest is also a requirement to unlock the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event for Genshin Impact 2.3 update.

Well, there you have it. That is how you complete the Genshin Impact – Albedo Story Quest. Hopefully this guide helps you finish this for the big rewards.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS.

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