Grounded Pets – a Complete Guide

In Grounded pets are your insect companions that you’ve tamed. They’ll give you useful benefits such as buffs and even produce certain items. Our guide will teach you how to get pets in Grounded.

How to Get Pets in Grounded?

You can get pets by dropping a slurry in front of them from your inventory in Grounded. Once they eat the slurry, they’ll be tamed and successfully become your pet.

To make a slurry, you have to use the Grinders you’ve built from your base. There are different types of slurry that each potential pet in Grounded likes. Keep this in mind when looking for a pet:

  • Plant Slurry: Aphids (Grind Plant Fibers)
  • Mushroom Slurry: Weevils (Grind Mushrooms, Mushroom Chunks, or Toadstool Chunks)
  • Spoiled Meat Slurry: Gnats (Grind any kind of Spoiled Meat)

Once you’ve made the slurry you need, just drop it in front of them and they become your Grounded pets. And that’s how to get pets in the game.

Grounded Pets benefits

List of Pets in Grounded

  • Aphid: A bright green insect that is passive in nature. It’s one of the smallest creatures that can be found in the game even smaller than the player character. It will roam aimlessly and occasionally drop some Aphid Honeydew. Be careful because this little guy will retreat to the top of the grass stalk to hide from you if it feels threatened. It also has a habit of stealing Plant Slurry from your Storage.
  • Weevil: A dark black insect slightly larger than the average Gnat. They will rarely cease to move around which make them difficult to catch. They’re normally the prey of Black and Red Worker Ants which will chase them for a long period of time.
  • Gnat: A slow flying insect that will never land on the ground. They’re mostly passive but may bump into you on purpose to knock you off balance before flying away.

What are Pet Attires in Grounded?

Pets are able to equip themselves with various types of gear, and these are Pet Attires. A Pet Attire can be equipped on a player’s pet by interacting with the animal in the Pet House. Pet Attires have perks, some doubles max health, or give some defense, and increase overall happiness. You can decorate your pets with these attires in Grounded:

List of Pet Attire in Grounded

  • Lil Googles: Can be unlocked by analyzing Mushroom Brick. (x3 Grub Hide)
  • Lil Red Helm: Samurai-esque helmet that can be unlocked by analyzing Mushroom Brick. (x1 Red Ant Hide, x3 Mite Fuzz)

What Do Pets Do in Grounded?

In Grounded pets provide certain benefits that give you a big boost. Pets will also allow you to store more items due to having 10 slots in their inventory.

There are different types of boosts that each type of pet offers. Here are the benefits each pet offers once you’ve tamed them:

  • Aphids: Stamina drain rate reduced while sprinting.
  • Gnat: Dandelion Tuft has increased glide speed.
  • Weevil: Reduces thirst meter drain.

With the added inventory slots that pets give you, you can essentially treat them like a pack mule. This is useful if you’re on long runs away from base where you’ll need the extra storage. Don’t treat your Grounded pets without care though because they can leave you if they’re not happy.

Grounded Pets happiness

How Do You Keep Your Pets Happy in Grounded?

You can keep your pets happy through a variety of ways:

  • Give your pets attires.
  • Feed it the same slurry you used to tame it.
  • Spend time with your pet and take them on adventures.
  • Pet them by approaching and interacting with the button prompt.
  • Don’t let it get injured.

If your pet becomes unhappy, it will leave you and stop being your pet. When a pet leaves, you’ll lose any benefits and boosts you had when they were around.

You’ll be able to notice that they’re starting to become unhappy with you because they’ll have more dejected animations. You can also check their happiness by looking at the Pet House menu.

Can your Pets Die in Grounded?

Yes, your pets can die in Grounded if they’ve been injured enough. Predatory bugs will be hostile to your pets upon sight and attack. Once your pets die, they’re gone for good.

You can change this setting when starting a new game. By turning off the option to let your pets die, you don’t have to worry about protecting them. You’ll still have to keep them happy though.

When your pets die, they will leave a “Pet Memorial” which is essentially the same thing as the backpack dead players leave behind. It will contain all the items you made them carry on their adventure with you.

To protect your pets, you can put attires on them which grant added protection. This will increase their durability, their health, and their armor.

Grounded Pets house

How to Make Pet House in Grounded?

You have to analyze Mushroom Bricks in order to get the recipe for a Pet House in Grounded. Once you have that, you can build it anywhere using the following materials:

  • x2 Crow Feather Piece
  • x4 Mushroom Brick
  • x1 Acorn Shell
  • x2 Weed Stem

Pet Houses aren’t necessary for your pet. But they do serve a good function once you assign a pet to a Pet House. They will let you check a pet’s stats like their health and happiness. You can use it to equip attires to your pet and even rename it. Keep in mind that only a single pet can be assigned per Pet House.

That’s our complete Grounded pets guide. We hope you found this article to be useful. We have more Grounded content to check out.

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