Does Hogwarts Legacy have romance?

Can you romance characters in Hogwarts Legacy?

It isn’t strange to find love in the wizarding world so you may be curious if you can seek out romance in Hogwarts Legacy. Developers Avalanche Studios already revealed the companions which you can befriend, but could there possibly be something more on the horizon? Sadly, it has already been confirmed that there will be no romance in Hogwarts Legacy for players to engage in within the game.

Is there romance in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy developers have confirmed that there are no romance options in the game. This news has left many players feeling disappointed and frustrated. The Harry Potter universe is rich in character development, with a vast array of complex and diverse relationships. The lack of romantic options in Hogwarts Legacy seems like a missed opportunity for players to delve deeper into this aspect of the Wizarding World.

Many players have expressed their disappointment on social media, and some have even started petitions to add this feature to the game. The lack of romance also seems strange for a role-playing game, since players usually get to make their own character and build relationships with non-playable characters (NPCs).

You could make a strong case of romance being present in Hogwarts Legacy because Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix takes place in the fifth year of Harry’s tenure in Hogwarts which is when the narrative started to lean into romantic feelings between the characters. In Hogwarts Legacy, you also play as a fifth-year student of Hogwarts. Some of the Hogwarts Legacy trophies even ask you to complete relationship lines from your companions. Though sadly, none of those relationship lines are romantic.

Although unlike Quidditch, developers Avalanche have not fully denied any possibilities of relationships going beyond friendship. In a statement, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy have explained that their focus is on creating an “immersive single player story” and perhaps romantic relationships would detract from this experience. While it is understandable that the developers want to maintain a specific vision for the game, this decision still leaves many players feeling frustrated.

romance in Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s to hoping that the game’s developers will think about adding this feature in a future update or expansion. If Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to romance characters, you’ll most likely be able to complete special quests for them in order to deepen your bond.