How to beat Knight in Sonic Frontiers: Boss Fight Guide

Sonic Frontiers Knight cover

Knight is the third boss that players must face in Sonic Frontiers. It’s a towering humanoid titan that wields a sword and shield and resides in a crater in Chaos Island.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat Knight and share some tips and tricks to make the fight as easy as possible.

Knight First Phase

For the first phase of the fight, you need to make it up Knight’s legs and all the way to its head. It’s not going to be easy as once it moves, its legs leave a wall of spikes that can harm you.

You will have to look out for its Hand Slam. Get to a safe location like under its leg, and then jump on the hand to reach the rails that lead all the way up to its torso. Be careful as the hand also sends out rings of spikes from where it touches the ground. From here on, you can simply climb up to its head and grab the Chaos Emerald. Time to go Super Sonic.

Knight Second Phase

Knight pulls out its whip sword and starts running around in circles within the arena. Staying in focus will be tricky at this point, but try to aim your camera towards it to see if it’s about to attack. Look out for its attacks, such as:

  • Sword Swing – Knight swings its sword at you. If parried, you’ll have the chance to lock on to its shield. As you hit the shield, do a stomp attack or throw a bunch of attacks at it to break the boss’ stance.
  • Shield Throw – The boss will prep its sword, making spikes appear around it. It will then throw it at your direction. You will have to do the ring QTE by making sure to push the button once the thin white ring gets inside the thick red ring in order to deflect the attack. If successful, Super Sonic will be able to ride the shield.

If you manage to ride the shield, you will need to guide it back towards Knight while avoiding the incoming missiles. If it’s successful, it will deal a massive chunk of damage to the boss, plus give you the opening to land more attacks. Land enough hits to be able to do a Grand Slam and topple it down.

Once it’s at half health, the fight proceeds to the next phase.

Knight Third Phase

Knight makes the pylons on its back pop out, though they don’t really get in the way. It will also throw its shield which will then bounce around the walls of the arena. It will do the same attacks as before, but it will be harder to move around because of the shield.

To get an opening, line up with the shield’s path and parry it. You then get to deflect it towards a direction, so try to aim it towards the boss; also try to anticipate where it’s heading as the shield does take time to travel depending on where it is relative to Knight.

Once its health is low enough, it will do a downward sword swing. Prepare for another ring QTE, followed by a button mash. Then enjoy the next cutscene as Super Sonic deals the finishing blow using Knight’s own sword.

Knight Boss Fight Tips

  • It’s recommended to have at least a few upgrades on the ring meter capacity if you need more breathing space during the fight. Getting a few upgrades on attack and defense will also help.
  • Cross Slash is still one of the strongest attacks that you can use to quickly deplete the boss’ health.

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