How to beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers: Boss Fight Guide

Sonic Frontiers Wyvern cover

Wyvern is the second boss that players must face in Sonic Frontiers. It is a giant slithering dragon with two large claws and it has the ability to shoot out missiles. It’s the titan the patrols over Ares Island.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat Wyvern and share some tips and tricks to make the fight as easy as possible.

Wyvern First Phase

Wyvern becomes available to fight once all but one of the Chaos Emeralds have been collected within Ares Island.

To start the fight, you must first climb up the tower where Wyvern is circling around. Once you get to the top platform, wait for the boss to get close and pay attention to the lock on marker that should appear just past its head, then jump towards it. A cutscene will play showing the boss creating tracks from its mouth where you can run on.

As the cutscene ends, make sure to home in on the bars to reach the track. The track has three lanes and can cut off at sections which will only be connected by the bars that you can home in to. Bullets will be fired along its lanes, so you will have to switch lanes as they pass to avoid them. There are also rings that you can collect along the way in case you need to fill up your ring meter.

Eventually, the track will end at the boss’ head where you can grab the final Chaos Emerald and transform into Super Sonic.

Wyvern Second Phase

As Super Sonic, you can now fly along Wyvern. The boss has a couple of attacks that it can throw your way, such as:

  • Missiles – Wyvern sends out a couple of missiles your way. Prepare to parry to send one back to the boss to make it slow down.
  • Claw Swipe – It turns around and swipes its claw at you. This attack can be parried for a counter-attack.
  • Bite Down – It loops around and charges straight at your with mouth open wide. This attack can be parried.

Once you’re close enough to the head, the lock on marker should appear. Time to unleash your attacks. After dealing enough damage and combos, Super Sonic will grab the boss by its tail to swing it around and smash it to the rocks. Once it’s down to half of its health, the boss will transition into its second phase.

Wyvern Third Phase

Wyvern will then protrude its bars near its head that emit ring pulses that can push you back. There’s enough space for you to fly around the rings so they’re not much of an obstacle to worry about. Concentrate on the attack tells in order to parry them effectively. The boss gains more attacks, such as:

  • Double Claw Swipe – The boss will do two swipes back to back, so try to anticipate your parries or evades.
  • Missile Barrage – The boss will circle around you while sending out its homing missiles. This will be a QTE where you will have to time your button press once the thin white ring goes inside the tick red ring. If successful, Super Sonic will collect all missiles and throw them back to the boss.
  • Comet Dive – It will fly up high and dive down at top speeds. You’ll have to do the ring QTE once more, then do the button mash once it connects to repel the attack. This is one of the two attacks that it will do as a last resort.
  • Missiles + Bite – The boss will send out another volley of missiles at you and bites down at you. You’ll have to do the button mash again to open its mouth up and let the missiles go in. If successful, this will be the final blow to Wyvern and the fight ends.

Wyvern Boss Fight Tips

  • At this point, you should have Knuckles set free which unlocks the Cyclone Kick, a sort of upgrade to the Sonic Boom attack. You can spam this attack whenever you have the opportunity to get close to Wyvern as it’s fast and can get you quickly to Phantom Rush.
  • It’s highly recommended to fill up your ring meter even before starting the first phase. This can be easily done by doing multiple Cyloops. You can also farm more rings at the boss’ head before grabbing the Chaos Emerald.

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