How to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy

How to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy featured

You can crouch in Tower of Fantasy to hide yourself from enemies and deliver sneak attacks. However it isn’t as easy at it seems as this feature in the game is hidden quite well. This guide will teach you how to crouch in Tower of Fantasy so you can sneak around and deliver some stealth attacks to your enemies.

How to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy?

To crouch in Tower of Fantasy, you have to first turn on the ability to crouch in the Settings menu. It’s turned off by default and can be found at the very bottom of the Basic tab, just underneath Control Preferences. Once you turn it on, you’ll be able to crouch by pressing the prompt to do so.

If you’re playing on mobile, you will see an icon to crouch at the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on that, and you’ll crouch down. The icon will be replaced with a standing pose which you can tap to stand up again.

If you want to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy PC, you have to press Z after enabling crouching in the Settings menu. You can configure the button config to respond to another button if you wish to do so. This will set that button to crouch when you press it.

How to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy Settings

Once you crouch in Tower of Fantasy, you won’t be seen as easily. This allows you to sneak behind an enemy and get the first hit in. You won’t be able to sneak past an enemy once they’ve spotted you. If you are spotted before you can initiate a sneak attack, there will be a cooldown of your crouch abilities. You won’t be able to use it again until you’re outside combat.

When you’re crouching, you move around much slower. Attacking will cancel your sneak and make you stand up again.

How to Crouch in Tower of Fantasy Crouch Button

Do Sneak Attacks Deal Bonus Damage in Tower of Fantasy?

Sneak attacks do not seem to do any bonus damage in Tower of Fantasy. They do let you get the first hit in which gives you an advantage in overwhelming the enemy. However there doesn’t seem to be a damage multiplier.

It seems that crouching doesn’t really give you that much advantage in Tower of Fantasy. At least at the time of this writing, developers have not made updates making any changes to sneak attacks from crouching. Crouching may have been disabled by default that there isn’t much reason to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

That’s how to crouch in Tower of Fantasy. We hope you found this article to be informative. We have more on Tower of Fantasy.

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