How to Get Numemon in Digimon Survive

Learn how to befriend Numemon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Numemon in Digimon Survive featured

In terms of looks, Numemon in Digimon Survive isn’t the most appealing. This Champion type Digimon doesn’t really look like a champ with their slug-like features, large mouth, and two antenna like eyeballs. Despite that big mouth, Numemon can’t actually talk but you can still have a conversation and befriend it…sort of.

How to Get Numemon in Digimon Survive?

You first have to befriend Numemon in Digimon Survive before they’ll join your team. To do this, enter a conversation with them once you’re in an encounter and choose the right responses when they start to communicate with you. There will be a meter above Numemon that will be filled up and you’ll need to be at least 50% full to befriend Numemon.

Each answer will fill up the bar differently. The higher the bar is filled up, the higher the chances Numemon will agree to join you. The best response fills up the bar by two segments. To get the highest chance for Numemon in Digimon Survive to join you, always choose the best answer in response to their questions or statements.

Here are the questions/statements that Numemon asks and the best response to them:


Best Answer

(The monster looks warily in this direction.)

Prepare to fight.

(The monster seems interested in what the humans are saying.)

Talk to him slowly.

(The monster is staring in fascinated confusion.)

Stare right back.

(The monster bends forward, scowling at you.)

Mimic his posture.

(The monster is trying to say something.)

Give it some food.

(The monster shakes his head as he starts to leave.)

Speak kindly to him.

(The monster just stands there.)


Despite the big mouth of Numemon in Digimon Survive, they can’t actually talk. Those sharp teeth aren’t made for vocal communication. Instead here’s where body language becomes the most useful. While Numemon seems aggressive, they are actually quite curious about how humans interact with each other. You’ll need to satisfy their curiosity with gentle body language and giving it some food.

Where to Find Numemon in Digimon Survive?

To find Numemon, head to the Free Bat area in the school once you’re in Part 2 of Digimon Survive. Numemon is a rare encounter so you most likely have to cycle through battles in order before you can find one.

You still need to find Numemon before you can befriend them. While they’re a rare encounter, they do show up early in Chapter 2 so you can immediately head over to the Free Bat area to befriend one.

That’s how to get Numemon in Digimon Survive. We hope you found this guide to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Digimon Survive content for you.

Numemon has been known throughout the Digimon franchise even before Survive. Check out its evolutions on this Youtube video from Digimon Central.