How to Get the Water Container in Grounded (2022)

How to Get the Water Container in Grounded

The Water Container in Grounded is a craftable storage item that you’ll eventually need during your playthrough, especially if you want to stock up on liquid to keep you alive. The process is pretty straightforward, and just like in any other game, there are certain prerequisites you must take. If you’re wondering how and where to get it, here’s what you need to do.

How to Get the Water Container in Grounded?

Despite the fact that the Water Container can be crafted, it will not appear in your Crafting menu by default. Instead, you’ll need to gather Acorn Shells first and then analyze it using any Resource Analyzer in your area to obtain the Water Container crafting recipe.

Acorn Shells can be obtained from busting open Acorns (requires a Hammer), which can be found near the Oak tree by the pond.

Now, take the Acorn shell to any nearby Resource Analyzer and you’ll eventually unlock the Water Container. Crafting one will require the following materials:

  • Acorn Shell x3
  • Crude Rope x2
  • Clover Leaf x1
Clover Leaf - How to Get the Water Container in Grounded

Clover Leaf can be obtained from chopping Clovers (requires an Axe), which can be found pretty much everywhere around the map. See the Image above for reference.

As for Crude Rope, these can simply be crafted in your Craft Menu under the Material Resources Tab, which requires 3 Plant Fibers for each Rope. Plant Fibers (used to unlock the Crude Rope Recipe) can be foraged pretty much everywhere around the map as well. See the Images above for reference.

How to Use the Water Container in Grounded?

Water Containers are used to store up to 6 drops of liquid (water, juice, soda), but only 1 kind of liquid can be stored per container. Furthermore, liquid can only be deposited using a Canteen.

Note: The engraved label on the container displays the total number of drops you've kept within, and players can slurp down the liquid straight from the container. Additionally, The Canteen Recipe can be unlocked by analyzing Crude Rope.

The Canteen can be crafted under the Consumables Tab in your Craft Menu, which requires the following materials:

  • Grub Hide x3
  • Crude Rope x2
How to Use the Water Container in Grounded

You should already know how to make Crude Ropes by now, all that’s left to do is to collect Grub Hides, which drops from Grubs.

To find Grubs, look for moving tracks in the dirt near the Oak tree. Once you spot one, dig the dirt (requires a shovel) and a grub will eventually pop up, kill it to obtain Grub Hides. See the images above for reference.

After crafting a Canteen. Look for drops of water and simply scoop it up (can scoop up to 2). Afterwards, interact with your Water Container and basically deposit the liquid that you’ve collected inside.

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