How to Get Varodurumon in Digimon Survive

Learn to get one of the most ancient Digimon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Varodurumon in Digimon Survive featured

There is something angelic about Varodurumon in Digimon Survive. This Holy Bird Vaccine type Digimon is one of the oldest in existence and can normally be found inhabiting the stratosphere. You can recruit Varodurumon for your team in Digimon Survive if you know how.

How to Get Varodurumon in Digimon Survive?

To Varodurumon in Digimon Survive you have to evolve either Biyomon or Falcomon to their Mega Digimon stage. You’ll need a Mature Enlightenment Slab to evolve Biyomon to the next stages. It’s different for Falcomon since he’s a partner Digimon for Minoru Hinata and evolves as you progress the story.

Varodurumon isn’t really a Digimon that you’ll encounter in free battles in Digimon Survive. This powerful Vaccine type Digimon is in the final stages of evolution so it’ll take a while before you can evolve Biyomon or Falcomon into Varodurumon.

If you’re planning to have Falcomon evolve into Zhuqiaomon or Hououmon instead, you can have Biyomon be the one to evolve in Varodurumon. Read our How To Get Biyomon in Digimon Survive guide if you’re having trouble finding this particular Digimon.

For the most part, Falcomon and Biyomon share the same evolution tree. There are exceptions that Falcomon is more limited as he can’t evolve into Blue Meramon for their Ultimate Digimon form. They also only have Diatrymon for his Champion stage which doesn’t give him much flexibility in the evolution chart.

How to Get Varodurumon in Digimon Survive

That’s how you get Varodurumon in Digimon Survive. We hope you found this guide to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Digimon Survive content for you.

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