How to Increase Friendship Levels in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Get those friendships leveled up.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Level cover

Aside from the players’ characters, other characters that live in Dreamlight Valley can also gain friendship levels. Increasing friendship levels can unlock a lot of things such as more quests, more rewards, and even more drops on materials and resources when hanging out with a friend.

In this guide, we will talk about how friendship works in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to increase the friendship levels.

How to Get Friendship XP in Dreamlight Valley

Each character can gain friendship levels with your character once they are invited into the village. They can gain friendship XP through various activities and can gain up to a maximum of 10 levels. Friendship XP can be gained through these activities:

  • Completing quests
  • Giving gifts
  • Hanging out
  • Eating at Chez Remy

Completing quests

Characters have their own quest lines that can be completed to gain friendship XP and other rewards. These quests can be unlocked by raising their friendship level and by meeting certain requirements such as unlocking other characters or unlocking the other areas of the valley. On the other hand, completing some of these friendship quests can also lead to unlocking other characters.

Some characters will have a quest upon reaching level 10 that unlocks the final reward from their list.

Giving gifts

All characters can be given different kinds of gifts; the kind that can be placed inside your player’s inventory and are not tagged as quest items. Each character also has three favorite things for the day that provide an extra XP boost. These favorite things change daily and will only provide the extra XP boost once per item per day.

The amount of XP that a character receives will depend on the quality of the item. 5-star dishes will provide a lot of XP compared to 1-star dishes, same goes for shiny gems when compared to the regular gems. Giving the same exact item multiple times a day will provide diminishing returns towards the XP gain. Items under the same category do not share the same diminishing returns, so for example, you can give one of each kind of flower and still get their base XP reward.

Hanging out

Upon reaching level 2 (or level 3 for some characters), you will unlock the option to hang out with them. The selected character will follow you around the different areas of the valley and gain XP every time you do an activity that consumes energy.

The amount of XP that the character gains from the activity that you are doing will depend if it matches with the role that you have given them. Characters given the gardener role will gain more XP from planting seeds and harvesting, while characters with the forager role will gain more XP from harvesting wild fruits and spices.

Not all characters can be invited to hang out. Characters like Ariel and Ursula can only travel by water, so you cannot hang out with them.

Eating at Chez Remy

Chez Remy is a place where characters can drop by and dine once it is unlocked. When a character is seated inside the restaurant, their order will appear on their head. You can then use the kitchen to prepare their order and serve the order to them. Each successful order served will give a substantial amount of friendship XP, making it worth to check out who is dining in the restaurant from time to time.

The downside to this method is that the characters who visit the restaurant is random, and characters with maxed out friendship levels can still dine in it. Chez Remy can still be upgraded with the help of Scrooge to be able to handle more customers at a time.

Benefits of Leveling Up Friendship Levels in Dreamlight Valley

Whenever a character levels up, you will be rewarded with items such as clothes, clothing designs, house wall and floor designs, and furniture. Additional friendship quests can also be unlocked upon reaching certain levels with a character.

In addition to this, hanging out with a high-level friend will increase the chances of getting additional loot from activities that match with their respective roles. This is quite helpful when gathering materials needed for quests or even just for making money.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch.