How to Play Garnet MultiVersus

Garnet MultiVersus is a bruiser archetype that can dish out a lot of pain as she punches her opponents out of the ring. The biggest trade off for such a power is that she can be a bit slow to maneuver compared to other characters. This guide will teach you everything about how to play Garnet in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Garnet Guide

Garnet excels in ground close quarters combat with her fists giving her a lot of options to deal damage when she’s supported by a platform. She’s a very tough fighter who’s capable of breaking through Armor and has a variety of specials to keep enemies up close. Garnet can chain up her basic attacks for devastating combos once they land a hit.

Garnet MultiVersus is a highly offensive fighter that can use a variety of specials to control the arena. However they often need to be used right. Her Spark of Love special is great for debuffing enemies and giving you control on the ring, but it can just as easily miss. Garnet’s Gem Dash is great for setups if you can get the enemy between you and her marker.

It can be challenging for Garnet to deal with opponents who love to rely on ranged attacks like Tom and Jerry. Her Stronger Than You special can stop projectiles from ever hitting, but you need to be fast enough to react. This special does have the added bonus of stacking Rhythm which buffs allies.

How to Play Garnet MultiVersus

Although Garnet MultiVersus character doesn’t seem to have a Passive unlike other Bruisers like Shaggy or Taz, her basic attacks can be charged and chained for combos for increased damage. If you can land her hits, enemies will be flying in no time flat.

How to Unlock Garnet MultiVersus?

You have to purchase Garnet to unlock her in MultiVersus. Unlocking Garnet will cost you about 1,500 Gold or 700 Glemium. Alternatively, you can use a character ticket to unlock her which are usually found in Founder Packs.

However if Garnet is currently in the free rotation period that changes per week, then you can play as her without having to unlock Garnet with Gold, Glemium, or Character Tickets.

MultiVersus Garnet Specials

MultiVersus Garnet Specials

  • Stronger Than You (Neutral Special): Garnet sings to create a barrier that applies Stop to incoming projectiles. Stopped projectiles can then be hit to reflect them back at the user. This will also give allies Rhythm which can stack to give them buffs. At one stack of Rhythm, allies gain a speed boost. At two stacks, allies gain Armor Break for their melee attacks.
  • Rocket Fist (Side Special): Garnet’s gauntlets can be launched as a projectiles which can be aimed on input. When done midair, the gauntlet projectiles don’t travel as far. When using this special on cooldown, Garnet will do a shoulder charge instead.
  • Spark of Love (Up Special): Garnet shoots an electric bolt to the sky which can be charged for a more powerful effect. When the bolt projectile lands, it creates an electric zone that applies Electrified to allies and Shocked to enemies. The zone will also Knockback enemies upon expiring that gives allies a stronger Electrified buff that will increase their melee damage. When using this special on cooldown, Garnet will do an overhead clap instead.
  • Gem Dash (Down Special): Garnet places a marker that she can use to dash to again upon activating the special a second time. If any enemy is along the way between her and the marker, Garnet can pick up the enemy and throw them back. Allies can pick up this marker and upon Garnet dashing to them, their Knockback and Hitstun will cancel and refresh air options.

MultiVersus Garnet Perks

Garnet will gain perks as you play as her and level her up. Here are all of Garnet MultiVersus perks:

  • Percussive Punch Power (Level 2): Garnet and her team deal an additional 5% damage to attacks that knockback enemies horizontally.
  • In a Single Bound (Level 4): Garnet and her team receives a 10% jump speed increase.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): Garnet can borrow a perk from her ally.
  • The Purest Motivation (Level 7): Garnet and her team gains a 10 second 15% damage buff after an ally is rung out.
  • Electric Groove (Level 8): Garnet’s neutral special deals electric debuff to enemies.
  • Marker (Level 10): Garnet’s rocket gauntlets upon destruction will spawn her marker at the location. Marker will not spawn if the special is on cooldown.
  • Sturdy Dodger (Level 11): Garnet and her team gains armor for 1 second upon successful neutral dodge of a projectile.
  • Speed Force Assist (Level 12): Garnet and her team gain 4% increase in base movement speed.
  • Static Electricity (Level 13): Garnet and her team can launch projectiles that deal electric damage if they’re grounded for 4 seconds.

You can equip these perks before a fight starts at character selection.

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Check out this Youtube video from Onestep explaining how to play Garnet in MultiVersus.