Is Atomic Heart like BioShock?

People are drawing comparison with Atomic Heart and Bioshock. But why is that? Would you kindly read our article and find out?

With its release date drawing closer, many people are saying that Atomic Heart is like BioShock. And it’s not hard to see why since the premise for the two games can be very similar. Let’s talk about whether you’ll find Atomic Heart to be similar to Bioshock in any way.

Is Atomic Heart like BioShock?

The setting and narrative of Atomic Heart is definitely like BioShock. Both games are set in alternate history where technology advanced much faster than real life before things terribly went wrong. However, BioShock’s Rapture and Columbia are more fictional settings when compared to Atomic Heart’s alternate version of the Soviet Union.

There are also similarities in gameplay that makes Atomic Heart like BioShock. Both are sci-fi shooters where the player gains access to advanced technology that they can upgrade and modify. Gameplay trailers for Atomic Heart show the protagonist freezing enemies, levitating them above ground, and shocking them which are powers that can also be found in the gameplay of BioShock.

On the surface, the immediate contrast that can be found between Atomic Heart and BioShock are in its enemies. BioShock pits you mostly against other humans who have either gone insane or outright fanatical as to where Atomic Heart has you fighting against machines gone awry and mutated abominations. Atomic Heart seems to promise a lot of enemy variety in the combat trailer revealed in Gamescom 2022.

Is Atomic Heart like BioShock

There hasn’t been a new BioShock game since 2013, not counting the BioShock Collection, so Atomic Heart will definitely scratch an itch for BioShock fans who are still waiting for a new entry to the franchise.

What Atomic Heart learns from BioShock?

Atomic Heart takes quite a few cues from BioShock. It’s first-person shooter gameplay is reminiscent of BioShock Infinite in that players can use their powers with one hand while simultaneously shooting foes with guns with the other. Atomic Heart does take this combat a step further by allowing you to explore an open world by foot or by car.

While Atomic Heart has melee options, it’s more reminiscent to Techland’s Dying Light. Combat is made to be fluid as you move using both melee and ranged options at your disposal. And Atomic Heart differs from BioShock in terms of aesthetics, with Mundfish going for more realistic visuals than the artistic liberties 2K’s had with the BioShock games.

What Atomic Heart learns from BioShock

Atomic Heart is set to release on February 21, 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It’s easy to see that Mundfish takes inspirations in game design that makes Atomic Heart like Bioshock. Given the above, it’s hard not to draw comparisons. If you love this article, we have more Atomic Heart content for you:

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