Level Rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Level up to get these goodies.

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Players can unlock special rewards every time they level up their characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The rewards range from clothing to house decor and customization items. It’s one way to get more stuff to spiffy up the place, or just a way to show ones hard work and dedication in rebuilding the village.

In this guide, we will look at all the level rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Level Up in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To level up your character, you will need to gather XP which can be obtained through various ways. The main way to obtain XP is by doing activities that consume energy, such as gardening (digging and planting), breaking rocks and tree stumps, fishing, and removing Night Thorns. Interacting with other characters can also reward some XP.

The other way of obtaining XP is by completing story and friendship quests. These quests give out a lot of XP which increase depending on their difficulty.

Take note that aside from getting the level rewards, your character will also gain a small increase on their max energy meter. The maximum level so far is level 40.

Level 2-10 Rewards

Level 2-10 Rewards

  • Level 2: Diamond-Patterned Mahogany Flooring
  • Level 3: Gilded Soaring Clouds Wall
  • Level 4: Celestial Bed
  • Level 5: Celestial Stained Glass Window
  • Level 6: Golden Plant
  • Level 7: Wooden Puzzle Flooring
  • Level 8: Astral Boots
  • Level 9: Grand Skirt
  • Level 10: Eerie Wood Paneling Wall
Level 11-20 Rewards

Level 11-20 Rewards

  • Level 11: Celestial Pennant Light
  • Level 12: Strawberry and Chocolate Sprinkle Flooring
  • Level 13: Grand Jacket
  • Level 14: Celestial-Balance Tile Flooring
  • Level 15: Purple Starry Night Wallpaper
  • Level 16: Celestial-Sunshine Tile Flooring
  • Level 17: Celestial Door
  • Level 18: Sun-and-Moon Crown
  • Level 19: Caramel-Covered Strawberry-Chocolate Cake Wall
  • Level 20: Celestial Dresser
Level 21-30 Rewards

Level 21-30 Rewards

  • Level 21: Gold-Trimmed Gray Stone Wallpaper
  • Level 22: Sparkly Wings
  • Level 23: Celestial Splendor Wall
  • Level 24: Celestial Fireplace
  • Level 25: Celestial Pillar
  • Level 26: Nightmarish Wall Sconce
  • Level 27: Dusky Floral Arrangement
  • Level 28: Thorny Door
  • Level 29: Nightmarish Boots
  • Level 30: Eerie Mauve Marbled Flooring
Level 31-40 Rewards

Level 31-40 Rewards

  • Level 31: Thorny Pants
  • Level 32: Intricate Thorn and Lattice Wall
  • Level 33: Thorny Stained Glass Window
  • Level 34: Thorny Wardrobe
  • Level 35: Thorn-Laden Jacket
  • Level 36: Thorny Fireplace
  • Level 37: Thorny Pillar
  • Level 38: Thorny Door
  • Level 39: Thorny Wings
  • Level 40: Onyx Crown
Full late-level apparel and house customization

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch.