Lost Ark – Eternity Essence

A guide on how to use Eternity Essence.

eternity essence

Eternity Essence is one of those items that you get in Lost Ark that might take a while for a newbie player to understand what its worth is. The uninitiated might also get confused as to how to use them and for what reason they are for. In this guide, we will talk about why collecting Eternity Essence is important and how to you can get them for yourself.

What is Eternity Essence?

Eternity Essence is mainly used to get Card XP to enhance cards. Using a card will give you 1,500 Card XP.

At first look, an Eternity Essence looks like a card in your inventory. But unlike a card, it does not show up in your card catalog. One might think that it is bugged, but using an Eternity Essence actually turns it into Card XP.

Lost Ark - Eternity Essence

To see where your Eternity Essence went, open your Card Catalog (Alt + C), and select the Enhance tab. Near the top of the catalog, you’ll then see the counter for the Card XP, or the Card XP Enhancement Points, that you have accumulated so far.

You can accumulate up to 999,999,999 points at a time. As you use Card XP to enhance cards, points will be taken away from your balance.

Lost Ark - Eternity Essence Cards

Where to get Eternity Essence?

Eternity Essence can be obtained through many ways, as listed below:

  • From Cube Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Chests
  • From a Basic Experience Card Pack
  • Sold by NPCs for 2,000 Pirate Coins
  • Dropped by high-level NPCs
  • Part of the Ark Pass rewards

How to Use Eternity Essence

Once you have obtained an Eternity Essence, it will show up on your inventory as a card. Right-clicking on it will use it and the Card XP that you get from it will be added to your Card XP Balance.

Why Enhance Cards?

Why Enhance Cards? - Lost Ark

Cards are one of the ways that you can make your character stronger. You can equip cards in your deck, but only when you equip cards from a same set will you get set bonuses. The more same-set cards you equip, the more bonuses you get. Sets can have more bonuses that you can unlock than the number of cards in the set itself.

That’s where enhancing comes in. If you successfully level up a card, it will add a count towards your set bonus’ rank, allowing you to get the higher bonuses of the set. This also allows you to mix several sets in your deck (maximum of 6 cards) as leveling up cards will allow you to reach a set level with fewer cards.

How to Enhance Cards

How to Enhance Cards - Lost Ark

Cards can be enhanced by accessing the Card Catalog by pressing Alt + C. Selecting the Enhance tab will let you see all the cards that you own so far. Right-clicking on a card or dragging it to the open space on the right side will open its enhance menu.

Each card have different XP requirements for it to level up that depends on their rarity. You can then allocate Card XP to a selected card by adjusting the slider or by clicking on the Max button. Each enhancement will also cost silver depending on how much Card XP will be used.

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