One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel – How To Unlock Yoisa Signs & Crabby Port

If you need to get anywhere quickly in One Piece Odyssey, Crabby Ports and Yoisa Fast Travel is the way to go.


Traveling to different locations is a must in many JRPG games. In One Piece Odyssey, there are fast travel options that allows players to return to previous locations they have reached before.

How To Fast Travel in One Piece Odyssey - Yoisa Signs

How To Fast Travel in One Piece Odyssey

To fast travel in One Piece Odyssey, they will need to use the Yoisa Signs scattered around the different parts of the map, or use the Crabby Ports to get anywhere in the world. In this guide, players will learn how to unlock them For Fast Travel in the game, so read on.

Fast Travel using the Yoisa Signs

To Fast Travel using the Yoisa Signs in the game, players will need to do the following steps:

  1. Press the Square button on the map screen in the menu to display the registered points, these are the Yoisa Signs scattered throughout the map that you have unlocked by interacting.
  2. On the Map select the location where you want to go.
  3. Once you have chosen the location you want to travel to, a Yoisa will spawn near you.
  4. Once that happens, you will be teleported instantly.
How To Unlock Yoisa Signs For Fast Travel in One Piece Odyssey

What Are Yoisa Signs in One Piece Odyssey

At the beginning of the game, players will see a yellow taxi sign. When players initially interact with it, it will do nothing. These signs will only work after a certain main story mission has been cleared in Chapter 2 of the game.

What Are Yoisa Signs - One Piece Odyssey

How To Unlock Yoisa Signs in One Piece Odyssey

To unlock the Yoisa Signs and the ability to fast travel in One Piece Odyssey, you must defeat Yoisa Goons which will suddenly appear as part of a story mission in Chapter 2.

When players will need to make their way through the Ravine of No Return to search for Vivi, a group of Yoisa Goons will ambush Luffy and his crew and will steal Nami’s wallet. Once that happens, players will begin a tutorial mission. Completing this tutorial mission will help players activate the Yoisa signs and unlock the fast travel option.

One you have unlocked the ability to fast travel using Yoisa Signs, you can increase the number of fast travel points or registered points by interacting with every Yoisa Sign that you will encounter while exploring.

Fast Travel using Crabby Ports

For the Crabby Ports, players can use them by doing the following steps:

  1. Interact with yellow Crabby Port sign to bring up the map
  2. The map will display all the other Crabby Port signs you have unlocked in the map
  3. Choose the destination needed to fast travel to.
  4. Once the destination is set, the huge crab will spawn and will take Luffy and his crew to the destination like a taxi.
  5. While riding the crab, players can use the opportunity to look around and appreciate the environment.
How To Fast Travel in One Piece Odyssey - Crabby Ports

What is a Crabby Port in One Piece Odyssey

Crabby Ports are similar to Yoisa Signs. The only difference between these two is that in Crabby Ports, instead of instant teleportation, players summon an enormous crab named Lil Mover. All of the characters will hop on Lil Mover and speed through the Desert like a taxi.

Players can use the Crab Signs, which are the Crabby Port signs, to interact with the Giant Crab, Lil Mover, as a means of transportation across environments and regions to reach Point A to Point B easily overcoming harsh obstacles, and avoiding enemies at the same time.

How To Unlock Crabby Ports in One Piece Odyssey

The Crabby Ports can be unlocked as players progress further by exploring the Desert shortly after unlocking the Yoisa Signs. Players will unlock this feature as they are trying to reach the Rain Dinners to look for Vivi.

Once you have finished the main missions and emerged from the Northern Cave, you will be able to encounter Lil Mover, the Giant Crab. After conversing with him, the bridge will open and you’ll receive a new mission instructing you to travel to the southeast corner of the Great Sandy Desert. When you get there, Chopper will show up on Lil Mover, and you’ll be able to use the Crabby Port Signs to zip across the Desert in record time.

Crabby Ports are unlocked in One Piece Odyssey after defeating the Banana Gator Boss, which Luffy and his crew encounter in the Great Sandy Desert Oasis’s northern region.

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