Remnant 2: How to Complete Oracle of Dran Quilt

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There are a myriad of quests in Remnant 2 that take a while to complete. Some of them require the player to return after leaving the area. Others require you to run a gauntlet to prove your worth. But few of them compare to the tremendous task of re-visiting Losomn multiple times for different outcomes. In this article, we’re going to talk about the Oracle of the Dran and her quilt borne of fractured worlds.

The quilt the Oracle of the Dran possesses records all the events that have occurred within Losomn. We don’t know how the Oracle keeps track of all of them but we do know that she is powerful enough to scare away the Nightweaver.

Where to find Oracle of Dran?

The Oracle of the Dran and her quilt are found inside the Oracle’s Refuge. It is a location that can appear in various locations in both the Asylum and the Palace storylines. And while the location changes per playthrough, the basics remain the same. A large building surrounded by walls, accessible only via a ladder. Sometimes, you’ll need to take the long way around to reach it. Often tackling a dungeon first before the location is accessible to you.

But even if you find the place, she won’t talk to you until you prove yourself a friend to the Dran.

The Oracle will only speak to you once you have found the two lost children somewhere around the tower. The Dran children can be found roaming the streets or the back alleys of the map you’re currently. You’ll know you’re close if you hear humming noises.

If you happen to come across one of them, you won’t be able to interact with them immediately. You first need to clear the area of enemies. Don’t worry if you lose track of the children during the encounter. They will appear as blue markers on the minimap if you’re close by.

As pictured above, if you see that speech bubble on top, that means you can interact with them. They bow slightly as a sign of thanks before making their way back home. You don’t need to escort them back. With the children back, the Oracle will now speak to you.

How to Complete the Oracle of Dran Quilt Quest

There are 12 events that you’ll need to trigger in order to complete the quilt. These can be done in both Campaign and Adventure Mode. The important thing you have to remember is that visiting the locations is not enough. You’ll need to clear the dungeon for it to count. That means killing the boss at the end of the location or solving the puzzle the entire dungeon revolves around.

These are all the events you need to trigger throughout your adventures:

  • Defeat the Nightweaver.
  • Defeat Gwendil: The Unburnt.
  • Defeat Fearin or Faelin. (Both count towards completion.)
  • Beat the Postulant at his own game in the Postulant’s Parlor to claim the Royal Hunting Bow. And don’t forget the Fae Royal Armor set while you’re there.
  • Defeat the Bloat King in the Great Sewers.
  • Defeat Magister Dullian over at the Shattered Gallery
  • Have a chat or defeat the Red Prince at the Guilded Chambers
  • Complete ‘The Feast’ event in the Great Hall.
  • Give Dria’s Anklet to the grieving husband by the entrance of Harvester’s Reach. (You’ll need to kill the Aberration that attacked the couple deep inside.)
  • Help moves things along with the Council Tribunal in the Council Chamber.
  • Complete ‘The Burning’ event in the Butcher’s Quarter.
  • Complete the ‘Man in the Sewers’ event at Tiller’s Rest or from the other Losomn sewers.

Oracle of Dran Quilt Rewards

There are a couple of rewards for completing the quilt. One is a relic that heals the user in an unconventional way. The other is a consumable that doesn’t seem to be all that useful. But knowing Remnant 2, it has the potential for more when used under the right circumstances.

How to get the Quilted Heart in Remnant 2?

The Quilted Heart is your reward when you have uncovered 6 events on the quilt. To get it, simply talk to the Oracle and she will praise you for the work you’ve done so far.

The Quilted Heart will not heal you in the same matter other relics do. For 20s, you’ll be granted unlimited stamina and every dodge you do heals your character for 15 health over 025s. Unlimited stamina is definitely what you want to focus on instead of meager healing. This can work in regen and/or lifesteal builds with an emphasis on staying mobile.

How to get the All-Seeing Eye in Remnant 2?

For uncovering all 12 events on the quilt, you will be rewarded with the All-Seeing Eye reuseable consumable after talking to the Oracle once again. The item will betow a random buff/debuff when the item is used. The following are some of the effects that can occur with each use.

  • 10% increase to Mod Generation
  • 15% increase to Max Health
  • 10% increase to Damage Dealt
  • 20% increase to consumable duration
  • 100% increase to Damage Taken
  • 10% decrease to Skill Cooldowns
  • 20% decrease to Consumable Duration
  • 15% decrease to Max Stamina
  • 10% decrease to Mod Generation

And that’s every you need to know about the Oracle of the Dran and the rewards you’ll get from completing all the events on the quilt. It’ll take a bit of luck to get all the events in as few Adventures runs as possible. But it’s a good way of tracking which events you have already encountered in Losomn. And that’s its own reward… for the optimistic Realm Travelers out there.

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