Outriders Worldslayer Best Pyromancer Build

Burn everything in your way with the best Pyromancer build for Outriders Worldslayer.

Outriders Worldslayer Best Pyromancer Build Featured

Players are looking for the Outriders Worldslayer best Pyromancer build. With the Worldslayer expansion giving a new breath of life to Outriders as well as adding new features, skills, and weapons, there’s a lot to unpack when making a great build for your Pyromancer. On this guide, we’ll show you the Outriders Worldslayer best Pyromancer build which can carry you even in the endgame.

Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build

Here are the best build choices for the Pyromancer in Outriders Worldslayer:

Armor & Mods

  • Ritualist’s Gaze: Epic Headgear
    • Burnt-Out: Damaged enemies take 25% more damage from Heatwave for 8 seconds.
    • Tidal Wave: Heatwave can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown.
  • Armor of the Acari: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 50% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds.
    • Detonator: Decreases Heatwave cooldown by 50%.
    • Ash Increase Range: Increases the Ash Blast skill range by 66%.
  • Waistcloth of the Acari: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 50% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds.
    • Anomaly Echo: Grants 9 010 Firepower and 11 848 Anomaly Power bonus on skill activation for 15 seconds.
    • Power Assimilation: Boosts your Anomaly Power by 11 061 for each Elite present on the battlefield.
  • Containment Overseer’s Gloves: Epic Gloves
    • Ashen Boost: Boost your damage against enemies afflicted with Ash by 25%.
    • Fire Tsunami: Increase the width of the fire wall for Heatwave.
  • Boots of the Acari: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 50% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds.
    • Master Consumer: The Overheat skill either consumes Burn or Ash status to deal damage. Consuming both at once increases the damage by 150%.
    • Death Sentence: Your Weapon Damage and Anomaly Damage against enemies affected by Ash Blast are increased respectively by 40% and 30% for 8 seconds.

Weapon & Mods

  • Funeral Pyre: Legendary Automatic Shotgun
    • Shadow Comet: Shots call down a comet dealing 231 004 damage to enemies within a 3.5 meter radius.
    • Claymore Torrent: Shots damage 4 enemies within a 6 meter radius with Anomaly blades dealing 207 613 damage.
  • The Anemoi: Legendary Automatic Shotgun
    • Moaning Winds: Reloading creates a strong blast around you, dealing 617 007 damage to enemies in range of 8 meters.
    • Radiation Splash: Reloading causes a small explosion that inflicts Vulnerable and deals 368 314 damage to enemies within a 5 meter radius.


  • Heatwave: Summon a fiery wave that deals 16 535 damage and inflicts Burn onto all enemies in its path.
  • Overheat: Deal 3 307 damage to all enemies within a large radius and Interrupt their skills. Enemies afflicted with Burn receive 42 518 damage instead (the Burn will be consumed).
  • Ash Blast: Create an Anomaly blast to inflict Ash onto all enemies within a large radius around you.
Outriders Worldslayer Best Pyromancer Build

Our Outriders Worldslayer best Pyromancer build focuses on scorched Earth tactics. Let nothing on the field be untouched by your flames. Enemies will be Burned and keep on burning as your skills turn the environment into an oven.

Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Armor

We recommend getting 3 pieces of the Acari Set, legendary Pyromancer equipment that will enhance the Heatwave skill. For every enemy you damage with the skill you gain Anomaly Power which increases your damage output for your skills. Their armor mods do more for your Heatwave and Ash Blast skills allowing you to make them more potent and reduce their cooldowns.

The Ritualist’s Gaze headset and Containment Overseer’s Gloves are the perfect armor to pair it with. Fire Tsunami and Burnout mods will allow you to deal more damage with our Heatwave skill.

Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Weapons

We chose to go close ranged with this Pyromancer build. Pick up the Funeral Pyre as your main weapon of choice. This legendary automatic shotgun should be equipped with the Shadow Comet and Claymore Torrent mods which will be effective for thinning out the mob fast.

The Anemoi is a great shotgun to pair it up with since the mods Moaning Winds and Radiation Splash will continuously deal damage to enemies even when reloading. With this weapon set, you’ll be scorching mobs of enemies while never stop dealing damage.

Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Skills

For the class trees, we’ll focus on the Ash Breaker while also investing points into Firestorm. We’re going for a Pyromancer that doesn’t stop inflicting Burn and other ailments towards enemies.

Pick the Heatwave skill as it’s important for our build. The Acari Set along with several mods will amplify its potency to deal massive damage to every enemy in your way and debuff them leaving them vulnerable to even more damage. Overheat is good because our Master Consumer mod will amplify the damage for enemies who are inflicted with Burn. Ash Blast is a must for charging right into the middle of the crowd and unleashing a torrent of fire around you which is only amplified by our Ash Increase Range and Death Sentence mods.

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That’s it for our Outriders Worldslayer Best Pyromancer Build guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. Before you go, you should stay with us some more because we have more Outriders content that you’ll be interested in.

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