Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Meanings and Effects

Choose a card, but be ready for the outcome.

Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Meaning, Effects, and More

In Phasmophobia, tarot cards and five other cursed items were introduced to aid players in their objectives. Players should be warned of the possibly lethal consequences of using these items, even if they find them alluring. Using Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia might yield useful information about the supernatural, but it can also be dangerous. A player may want to research the deck before using Tarot cards because the cards that are drawn from it can have a wide range of results.

All Phasmophobia Tarot Card Meanings



Draw Chance


Triggers a cursed hunt.


The Devil

Triggers a ghost event.


The Fool

Mimics the look of another card, before turning into The Fool as it burns. No effect is applied when drawing this card.

17%, 100% During Hunts

The Hanged Man

Instantly kills the player.


The Hermit

Teleports the ghost back to its ghost room and traps it there for 1 minute.


The High Priestess

Resurrects a random dead teammate near their corpse.


The Moon

Drops sanity to zero.


The Sun

Fully restores sanity.


The Tower

Causes a ghost interaction.


The Wheel of Fortune

The player gains 25% sanity if the card burns green, or loses 25% sanity if the card burns red.


Despite the fact that the deck contains ten different kinds of cards, the cards players receive are all completely random. A deck of Tarot Cards may not contain all of these cards, so it may take multiple games for players to experience all of the possible outcomes.

Each Tarot card can be interpreted in one of ten different ways:

Tips when Drawing Tarot Cards
  • All cards drawn during a hunt will turn into The Fool and the player should avoid drawing any cards at all.
  • As soon as all of the cards are used, the deck will disappear, thus players should take a picture of the cards before using them.
  • When drawing cards, players must be in the Investigation Area to trigger an effect. Once a card has been used, it burns up.
How to Use Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia
  • Cursed possessions/items, such as Tarot Cards, have the power to trigger events at will.
  • Based on what you pull from the deck, the relevant result will be returned, and depending on the card, they may have an effect on both the player and the ghost.
  • The Tarot Cards cannot be photographed once they’ve been used, so make sure to take a picture before you start using them.
  • The spawn rates of these cards vary, and you will only receive one deck of Tarot cards. There won’t be any more when you’ve used them all.
  • Keep in mind that drawing a Tarot card during a ghost event will turn all of the players into the Fool.
  • Use these Tarot Cards with caution because they have the potential to have a significant impact on your ongoing investigation.
  • Tables, shelves, and desks are all common places where you can find them.
Where to Find Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards frequently appear on tables or counters in haunted houses in Phasmophobia. Dining room tables, kitchen tables, computer tables, and virtually any other tabletop you can find in your particular location are all good places to look.

Where to Find Tarot Cards - Phasmophobia

There are six cursed items in Phasmophobia that spawn at specified locations on the map. It’s possible that the Tarot Cards will spawn in one of several locations or they may not appear at all if a cursed item spawns instead.

This means that finding cursed items like Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia might be difficult because players don’t know what to look for until they find it. Players looking for the Tarot Cards should look for an object the size of a typical mobile phone with white and black swirls that resemble faces at specified spawn sites.

Players in Phasmophobia will be required to gather clues using ghost hunting equipment like the DOTS Projector or the EMF Reader as they try to find out which ghosts they are dealing with.

After gathering enough evidence, players can determine the ghost’s true nature, at which point the objective will be completed, and they will be rewarded with money and experience. The cursed items can be useful in helping players achieve contracts and other optional objectives that may improve the worth of their reward if they are used correctly.

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