Scav Hideout at the Grotto Guide – Escape from Tarkov

Finding one of the Lighthouse's inconspicuous Scav extraction points.

escape form tarkov scav hideout

Find the Scav Hideout at the Grotto to use it as an extraction site. You may still be learning the ins and outs of the new Lighthouse map, so let us help you increase your chances of survival by showing how to find the Scav Hideout at the Grotto.

As the name suggests, the extraction site can only be used by Scavs, so if you are playing as one and need a quick extract, then add this to your exfil options.

scav hideout at the grotto location on Lighthouse map - escape from tarkov
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Where to find the Scav Hideout at the Grotto?

The Scav hideout at the grotto is just west-southwest of the water treatment plant of the Lighthouse map.

Scav Hideout at the Grotto - escape from tarkov

Coming from the southwest exit of the water treatment compound, walk across the road and you should see a small grotto with a small cave. The extraction point is directly behind this cave. You can either walk on either side of the grotto, but it’s recommended to take the right side (left of the rock formation) as there are mines on the opposite side.

Scav Hideout at the Grotto - escape from tarkov

Choosing to go on the right side, just walk around the rock formation and follow the shoreline.

Scav Hideout at the Grotto - escape from tarkov

You’ll then see an entrance to the rock formation to the left.

Scav Hideout at the Grotto - escape from tarkov

If you go inside the rock formation, just climb towards the opening on your right. Once you’re outside, the scav extraction point will be on your right. Just jump into the cove to start the extraction.

Scav Hideout at the Grotto - escape from tarkov

Alternatively, you can also just follow the shoreline, climb over the rocks, and you’ll also arrive at the opening side of the cove.

Knowing the path through the rock formation means that you should also keep an eye above you if you have been followed. Then again, the extraction is quick and you need to be in the extraction point for just 7 seconds.

That’s the Scav hideout extraction point. What’s good about this extraction point is that it’s always open for Scavs for a quick and simple getaway.

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