Should You Give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula in Remnant 2?

Should You Give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula Remnant 2 cover image

In the Yaesha region of Remnant 2, you’ll pick up the Tear of Kaeula ring that you can use after answering Meidra’s questions. You can give the Tear of Kaeula to her, for which you’ll get something else in return. However, the question of whether it’s worth giving Meidra the Tear of Kaeula in Remnant 2

Should You Return the Tear of Kaeula to Meidra in Remnant 2?

You should give Meidra the Tear of Kaeula as this gives you a unique weapon that is more worth it in the long run. Giving Meidra the Tear of Kaeula will give you the Sorrow Gun which is a crossbow with a unique mod that heals its user.

Keeping the Tear of Kaeula will allow you to wear it whenever which increases your Relic’s charges by 2. While it sounds good and definitely useful for Relic’s like Dragon Heart, there are other ways to upgrade your Relic with Simulacrum and other rings that you can equip that’s better for your build. The Sorrow Gun, on the other hand, is a useful weapon that can heal you which no other weapon can do.

You’ll get the Tear of Kaeula before actually defeating Kaeula herself. In Yaesha – Kaeula’s Rest, you’ll find the ring glowing purple on the ground in front of a statue. Pick it up and you’ll be teleported to a boss fight with Kaeula’s Shadow. Depending on what difficulty you’ve selected, she could have boss modifiers that will make the fight harder.

After beating Kaeula’s Shadow, go to Meidra in Yaesha – Dappled Grove and answer her questions. Your answers won’t decide the outcome of whether you get the Sorrow Gun or not, just give her the Tear of Kaeula and she’ll be happy enough to give you this weapon. You could choose to keep it, but you’ll miss out on the Sorrow Gun.

What makes the Sorrow Gun worth it over the Tear of Kaeula ring is in its Eulogy mod. This mod lets you recall bolts dealing 30 damage, returning them to your reserves, and healing 2% of your Max HP. It’s also a handgun crossbow so you don’t have to replace one of your primary weapon slots for it.