Soul Hackers 2 Arrow Soul Matrix and Skill Upgrades

Soul Hackers 2 Guide: Arrow's Soul Matrix is here #SegaAtlus #SoulHackers2

Soul Hackers 2 Arrow Soul Matrix

Arrow is one of the characters in Soul Hackers 2 that is playable and considered to be an important member of the team that will carry on his mission to save the world and find out the purpose of being a covenant. In this guide, we, of Sirus Gaming, will give players a chance to know more about Arrow’s unlockable skills and the challenges they will face in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 Arrow's Soul Matrix

What is a Soul Matrix?

Like Persona 5’s Mementos and Shin Megami Tensei’s Labyrinth of Amala, Soul Matrix is a dungeon that is free to explore for players to increase their stats, gain new demons, and an area where requests can happen. There are three Soul Matrix areas, one for each party member excluding Ringo, and each floor will be unlocked depending on their Soul Level. Each floor unlocked has new abilities, new special demon fusion, and new items to uncover. Not only that, there will be new flashbacks and character stories up to the end of the floor so it’s best to have their soul levels at least 100 to unlock everything.

Soul Hackers 2 Arrow's Soul Matrix

Arrow’s Floor Guardians in Soul Hackers 2

Each floor of the Soul Matrix has a guardian. Every time, a guardian is defeated, not only a new floor is unlocked but also, new flashbacks, new skills, and new demons will be added to your list. As such, here is the list of Floor Guardians that players will face in Arrow’s Soul Matrix:

Floor Level








Fire and Force

Elec and Ruin


Divine Archangel





Herald Sandalphon



Force, Fire, Ice, and Elec






Arrow’s Skill Upgrades in Soul Hackers 2

Here is a list of unlockable skills for Arrow:

  • Adept Healer – Strengthens the healing power from demons on recon
  • Int Hack – INT increases by 2
  • Vengeful Opportunist – When guarding, slightly recover HP
  • Gunfire Stack – Gunfire skills add 1 demon to the Stack when striking an enemy’s weakness
  • Wild Uproar – Higher stack counts in battle provide higher EXP bonuses
  • Ice Stack – When striking a weakness to Ice, 1 demon joins the Stack
  • Treasure Hunter – Demons on recon may acquire additional rare items
  • Brotherly Guidance – Increases EXP gained by demonic allies on standby
  • Deathblow Stack – When an enemy is slain, 1 demon joins the Stack
  • Riberama – For a given distance, enemies appear more often
  • Critical Stack – When you score a Critical hit, 1 demon joins the Stack
  • LUK Hack+ – LUK increases by 4

Some skills can be unlocked after clearing a floor in the Soul Matrix and increasing the Soul Levels of each character in Soul Hackers 2. Each of these skills will be useful not only for Arrow but also for Ringo for they can be used in map exploration, battles, and more.

Soul Hackers 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam) worldwide. The game comes in both Physical and Digital Editions. Each with its bonuses. 

Not only that, the game has a special 25th-anniversary set that includes the game, a music album that has over 30 songs, a 25th-Anniversary book, DLC costumes, BGMs, accessories, and a figurine of AI Ho-Kun, and also Persona 5 costumes as well.

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